06/16/2017 3:52PM

Harness: Additional information on the Northfield Park suspension


On Friday (6/16) the United States Trotting Association announced that Northfield Park’s membership has been suspended due to an alleged violation of USTA Rule 20.09 on financial responsibility.

According to Executive Vice President and CEO Mike Tanner, the suspension means that Northfield will not be permitted to hold a seat on the USTA board, cannot participate in the Strategic Wagering program and will not have access to ustrotting.com as an outlet for any track press releases.

That said, for the immediate future, the suspension will not affect distribution of track data and programs to the general public.

“The USTA will continue to provide data services to Northfield Park through the end of the month,” said Tanner. “Going forward into July, these services will be offered to Northfield on a contract basis as per USTA Article 1. 15.

“Earlier today, the USTA counsel presented to Northfield the contracts that would allow them to continue to receive those services from the USTA. It is our hope that these contracts are executed and honored.”

Article 1.15 states the USTA’s obligation to provide data to non-member pari-mutuel tracks as follows:

The association shall be obligated to furnish to non-member pari-mutuel tracks its copyrighted performance and other data as to horses registered with the association and other association services upon an equal and nondiscriminatory basis to all such tracks: (1) upon a showing by the track that it holds a license from an authorized state regulatory agency or commission to conduct a meeting of more than ten (10) days’ duration at which pari-mutuel wagering is permitted, (2) upon payment by the track of an amount determined in the same manner and no greater than the dues and fees provided in article 1.11(a), and (3) upon an undertaking by the track to utilize USTA forms and certificates and data for USTA registered horses in accordance with USTA rules and regulations and to furnish to USTA current performance and other data as to the performance at the race meeting conducted at the track of all horses registered with the association, records of penalties and other racing records

“We sincerely hope that this dispute will be resolved and that Northfield Park will rejoin USTA membership,” said Tanner.