11/06/2003 12:00AM

Handle up through Oregon hubs


Total handle through account-wagering hubs in Oregon in the third quarter of 2003 was $220.4 million, a slight increase over the second quarter and a 61 percent increase over the third quarter last year, according to figures collected by the Oregon Racing Commission.

Youbet.com led the way with $70.1 million in handle. Television Games Network was next at $64.2 million. Youbet has an agreement that allows it to take wagers on tracks with exclusive agreements with TVG. Almost all of the revenue from those wagers goes to TVG.

AmericaTab, a collection of nine online wagering sites that also has an agreement with TVG for its exclusive signals, had handle of $27.6 million.

The Racing Channel, run by the owners of Philadelphia Park, had handle of $58.6 million.

All the companies' handle increased with the exception of the Racing Channel's, which dipped from $61.3 million.