01/05/2015 2:38PM

Handle, fatalities increase in first month at Big A inner-track meet


A little more than a quarter of the way through Aqueduct’s 70-day inner-track meet, there is both good news and bad news to report.

The good news is that all-sources handle is up 10 percent through Sunday, though Aqueduct has held one more card of racing than during the first month of the inner-track meet in 2013-14.

Through 19 cards since the inner track opened Dec. 3, all-sources handle on Aqueduct’s races is $115,720,281, up from $105,209,468 through 18 cards held from Dec. 11, 2013, through Jan. 5, 2014. There have not been any cancellations due to weather this winter. At this point last year, two cards had been lost due to weather, and an additional race was canceled due to a gate malfunction.

Aqueduct has conducted 171 races this winter, compared with 161 races last winter to this point. This winter, there have been 1,331 starters and 1,315 betting interests, compared with 1,248 starters and 1,235 betting interests last winter.

Ontrack handle on Aqueduct’s races is $15,876,690, an 8.3 percent increase over the $14,655,960 wagered through this same time period last year.

The numbers are compiled by Daily Racing Form through a review of Equibase charts. Racing on the inner track is scheduled to continue through March 22.

The bad news is that through Sunday, there have been 10 equine fatalities, three more than there were for the entire 2013-14 inner-track season. Four of this winter’s fatalities have come in the eight cards since racing returned Dec. 26 following a 10-day break.

The two most recent deaths demonstrate the difficulty in identifying precise reasons for equine fatalities. On Saturday, Golden Bay, a 3-year-old colt debuting in a maiden special weight race for New York-breds, pulled up abruptly in the stretch and was euthanized due to an injury to his right hind leg.

On Sunday, Shewreckstheplace, a 6-year-old maiden making her 36th career start – this one in a bottom-level maiden-claiming race – was pulled up in the stretch by jockey Angel Cruz. She was vanned off and later euthanized due to fractured sesamoids in her left foreleg.

However, six of the seven fatalities that were musculoskeletal in nature – and that were not the result of a spill – involved horses running in lower-level claiming races. One horse, Wicked Irish, was returning from a two-year layoff and showed one published workout in the interim. That fatality led the New York Racing Association to change its protocols regarding workouts, a change that goes into effect Jan. 28.

In the winter of 2011-12, there were 21 equine fatalities over Aqueduct’s inner track, a number that led Gov. Andrew Cuomo to form the New York Task Force on Racehorse Health and Safety, which, among other things, recommended new guidelines involving the use and administration of steroids.

StockPicker More than 1 year ago
One is to many!!!!!
cappelletti63 More than 1 year ago
75% OF These fatalities are because of the trainers . They juice up these poor horses and give them heart attacks.
Walter More than 1 year ago
I know it's easier said than done, but all of you folks that are bad mouthing Aqu for the bad racing and feel it should close for two months, you do have a choice. Do not bet a dime there until April. Horseplayers should realize that our voices are heard when we don't bet. Look at CD last year. They took a major hit because many horseplayers didn't bet there. This is not like voting where you cast a vote and the elected official goes and does what he wants to do. If you don't like it, don't bet it. You may see a change then
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
Easy there hero. We care about the HORSES and their safety along with the riders. You worry about where you spend you dime.
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
Boycotting wagering won't do anything, just like it hasn't fazed CDI. So while we wait more horses break down. This is why we are publicly voicing our displeasure.
Walter More than 1 year ago
Ok, if you care about horse safety, then again you shouldn't bet at Aqu. Complaints are not gonna stop winter racing at Aqu, it still makes money. If the profits are not there anymore, then you will see a change.
James G Romano More than 1 year ago
You make it sound as if all 'gamblers' are like bar flies. Some of us don`t even buy the program unless there are some[3-4] interesting races,and it`s not for the money but mostly we question whether it is worth hanging around just for a couple of races and why waste out time going' thru' lousy lines,figs and numbers.It takes about two hours to thoroughly read a program, even by elimination. Spot bettors like me get excited only with good races; Cheap claiming programs are avoided for too many reasons.So,,why waste my time with it. There`s a life to be lived/enjoyed out there.Ps; as a 'handicapper' you know that we do not take Advice from Anyone.,if the Menu does not look interesting,why sit down at a table ?
Dennis Mathews More than 1 year ago
News Flash ; NYRA announces the cancellation of today's racing at Aqueduct out of an abundance of caution for our jockeys and equine athletes ! That's great. Now do something even more meaningful and call off the remainder of this crappy race meet ! Better for man and beast.
Laura More than 1 year ago
and they'd just ship to PEN or PARX, they're still going to have to run, there are no 'seasonal vacations' anymore, if the horses don't run, no one makes $
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
At least they could run at Turfway on the all weather.
Dennis Mathews More than 1 year ago
This morning in New York City the temperature is 21 degrees with a wind chill of 9. Post time at Aqueduct 12:20. If anyone believes racing exists for the benefit of the horse I've got a bridge to sell you !
James G Romano More than 1 year ago
Cheap ,old maidens running at Aqueduct for a Claiming tag of $12,000..in the year 2015? Come on,do not tell me that it is Not only for the purse money[and who cares about the horse after the race?] ! This creepy,old hang out for losers should be closed for a couple of months,like Jan-Feb.Look at the present Jockey colony!Franco,Ortiz Bros,Velasquez,Rose,,and then who? Que? Chi?What are they waiting for the next Wonder BUG Boy ? Please,it is insulting to watch this low level of racing,especially in frigid,cold,foggy afternoons. Shut it off! Give everyone,and the track a[winter] break!!
James G Romano More than 1 year ago
A maiden $ 12,000 Claiming race has a purse of $23,000 ? No wonder they are running horses under abnormal circumstances!! Win or place and then who cares what happens to the quadrupeds;Some trainers and owners are too greedy and selfish to have a heart.What a slaughter!
Susan Kayne More than 1 year ago
Dave, How do figure 10 ... ? In the 42 days of Aqueduct's Fall meet [October 29 – December 31] claimed 12 lives, the first few days of the winter meet added two more bodies Golden Bay & SheWrecksThePlace for a total of 14 racing deaths: 10/31/2014 Summer Sunset Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 10/31/2014 Jesses Giant Dunk Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 11/12/2014 Knockher Off Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 11/28/2014 Cherokee Artist Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/03/2014 Princes On The Lake Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/04/2014 Warrior's Hero Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/05/2014 Half Nelson Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/05/2014 Quick Money Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/10/2014 Sage Valley Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/11/2014 Ludo Bagman Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/26/2014Celebrate We Will Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA) 12/27/2014Wicked Irish Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
Chris Lowe More than 1 year ago
Per the NYS Gaming Commission database, Shewreckstheplace is on the stewards/vets list, not deceased. If anyone has information to the contrary, please post it.
Susan Kayne More than 1 year ago
http://horseracingwrongs.com/2015/01/06/shewreckstheplace-dead-at-aqueduct-bringing-meet-total-to-14/ TWEET by ‏@DRFGrening: Shewreckstheplace fractured both sesamoids in left fore and had to be euthanized. That's 10 racing-related fatalities at AQU since Dec. 3.
Chris Lowe More than 1 year ago
Thanks for the update. Evidently NYS Gaming needs to pay attention, and she should NEVER have been racing this long without a win.,RIP.
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
My up vote was a thanks for the info. Not for the death of the horse. just in case you misinterpreted my intentions.
Slew32A More than 1 year ago
Well this is the same guy that wrote at least 2 puff pieces on David Jacobson.
Cate Swan-Costanzo More than 1 year ago
Why are they running a 6 year old maiden or a horse coming back off a 2 year layoff with one workout? It isn't the track but what they are allowing to run..unfit horses.
kmunster2003 More than 1 year ago
Very poor oversight. It just seems to me they need horses to fill fields and are willing not to object to obvious red flags.
Priscila Beloch More than 1 year ago
while the issue is not addressed, another article will be up soon about this from Joe Drape to te NY Times. THEN, NYRA might say something.
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
Why not lead off the headline with Fatalities up, you had to soften the wording with Handle. The inner s*cks, the racing is bad, the course is not safe for the horses. Is anyone surprised that the fatality is constantly high during the winter meet?