01/23/2015 4:23PM

Hall of Fame trainer Mott to appeal 15-day suspension


OZONE PARK, N.Y. – Hall of Fame trainer Bill Mott was suspended 15 days and fined $1,000 for the finding of the drug Flunixin, also known as Banamine, and an overage of Lasix in the body fluid of Saratoga Snacks, who finished last in a New York-bred allowance race Sept. 20 at Belmont Park, according to the New York State Gaming Commission.

Mott is appealing the suspension. Had he not appealed, the suspension would have been reduced to seven days.

Mott said he was appealing the penalties because the levels of the medications were at least 10 times the allowable levels permitted to be given, an indication that something may have been amiss with the test. Moreover, he said the Lasix is given on race day by a veterinarian who works for the New York Racing Association.

“They allow you to give 10 ccs of Lasix, and we only give three ccs, and I was standing there when the [veterinarian] gave it,” Mott said Friday by phone from Florida. “My feeling is something’s not right. It’s not a slight overage.”

In 2014, the permissible level of Flunixin was 50 nanograms per milliliter. Beginning in 2015, it is 20 nanograms per milliliter.

“If it was a slight overage, you could say it stayed in the system too long or the horse metabolized it differently,” Mott said. “You might get a slight overage, but not 10 times.”

Mott will be represented in his appeal by attorney Drew Mollica.

“Justice demands and the facts will show there’s something wrong,” Mollica said. “This is like two solar eclipses in one day.”

At the time, Saratoga Snacks was owned by Hall of Fame football coach Bill Parcells. He since has been sold privately to Gary Sciacca, who was the original trainer of the New York-bred stakes winner.

Dennis Geier More than 1 year ago
Just wondering why this article was on page 24 of the Daily Racing Form
tommy More than 1 year ago
Bill Mott has no education. He makes all his money in horse racing because they are all in the mafia.
paul27787898 More than 1 year ago
What a dope!
Meydan Rocks More than 1 year ago
it's funny. It's a comment like this that reminds you that sometimes the character assassin can't even shoot straight! Meaning… at least MAKE SENSE!!!
Blaine MacMillan More than 1 year ago
Have you always been a dunce,Tommy? Just asking.....
Sherri Renner More than 1 year ago
The Great Regulators RMTC, ARCI, NYRA, and The Jockey Club collectively sold State Racing Commissions on putting into law vastly flawed rules, with wrong thresholds and wrong withdraw times. Honest Trainers like Bill Mott and many others followed these new rules to the letter and then some, yet they have lost purses, been fined, and served suspensions when they followed the rules. 1. In Trainer Motts' case here the Lasix that is said to be 10 times the legal limit was administered by NYRA (Regulatory) Veterinarian, not a private practice Veterinarian. 2. The Flunixin (Banamine) is another example where the RMTC has been flat wrong in their withdrawal recommendations. The manufacturer’s recommended dose is 500mg, or 10 cc to a 1,000 lb. horse, and originally the RMTC recommended that this dose be administered no closer than 24 hours pre-race . Somehow, the decision was made that the cutoff for a positive test was going to be 20 ng/ml (20 Billionths of a gram) in blood. This, despite the unhappy fact that when you actually read the studies, the science indicates that many 24 h post-race samples will exceed the 20 ng/ml threshold. When post-race samples came up positive in droves, confirming this already-known detail, the RMTC backtracked. This time they heard the “positives” message; their solution was to leave the sacred 20 ng/ml threshold in place but to move the withdrawal time out to 28 hours, than 32 hours, and now in New York to 48 hours. The Great Regulators RMTC, ARCI, NYRA, and The Jockey Club all have flunked Math 101 & Science 101 with these flawed rules and regulations they pushed into law. However no penalties at all for The Great Regulators screw ups. Just penalize honest horsemen.
Marc Estrich More than 1 year ago
Will Drew also be dealing with Billy's calls from jock agents?? He is more than qualified! Love the quote!! TWO solar eclipses!!! Ya couldn't script this stuff!!
Howard Schwartz More than 1 year ago
No one in their right mind can believe that Bill Mott or Todd Pletcher, or Chad Brown, D Wayne Lukas or any of the top trainers bets on horses. They simply have zero time or talent for gambling. Someone post a picture of an of them at the windows. LOL
tom More than 1 year ago
lol Ok keep drinking the kool-aid
Raycing W More than 1 year ago
Howard, you need to read more. Wayne is a self admitted big time gambler. He admitted to a big score (his son Jeff also scored big) on Take Charge Brandi and lamented the fact that he just missed a big score on the superfecta in that race. Mott is a big time bettor himself. In fact, he lays off many of his bigger wagers offshore. In some ways, I sincerely envy your ‎naivety as it would allow me to have a better taste in my mouth about racing.
Nathan More than 1 year ago
why is mott different then anyone else. ? he uses only 3 c.c. Lasix. that's nice. does the betting public know when he uses the maximum 10 c.c.? of course not. bettors screwed again! he stinks the same as all the others.
Joel Firsching More than 1 year ago
It is a rip off. The horsemen not only want the purse money, but the wagering pool money, also. They dont want the public to have a level playing field. Must be patriot fans.
Gunner More than 1 year ago
Said the Jet fan after another losing season, and another Coaching change. How deflating.
paul27787898 More than 1 year ago
I would bet a years salary Mott didn't bet on Saratoga Snacks
mike More than 1 year ago
Could care less about the knucklehead betters,it's the horses that get my sympathy.