06/09/2016 6:46AM

The Haiku Handicapper: 2016 Belmont Stakes


DRF sales editor Joe Nevills analyzes the Belmont Stakes field, in post position order, in the form of Haiku, a Japanese poem of 17 syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five.

Governor Malibu
Couldn’t seal the deal
In a pair of minor preps
Needs breakthrough effort

Returns to the scene
Of his debut maiden win
Fresh as a daisy

Cherry Wine
Skyrocketing stock
Getting hot at the right time
Or flash in the pan?

Rider change on top
Newfound equipment below
Prospects are middling

High-upside presser
Will get his time in the sun
Just not sure it’s here

Last into the fray
First into early fractions
Ready the anchors

Seeking the Soul
Bred all day for this
The Belmont’s a turf mile, right?
Well, this is awkward

Forever d’Oro
The team knows upsets
And this would be one of those
Great pedigree, though

Trojan Nation
Woodrow Wilson was
President during the last
Maiden-won Belmont

Slow and steady plod
Could “Tortoise and the Hare” these
This is his best shot

King of Pimlico
Seems built for a race like this
It all goes through him

Brody’s Cause
Home-state advantage
Lies seven hundred miles south
A tough stock to buy

From-the-moon closer
Has lots of ground to concede
Probably too much

So close to the crown
Exaggerator excels
Then Destin, Lani