01/28/2015 4:40PM

Gulfstream, Santa Anita to offer two-track pick four


ARCADIA, Calif. – An all-stakes pick four combining four major stakes at Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita Park will be offered Feb. 7 with a $500,000-guaranteed pool.

The X-Country pick four links the Donn Handicap and Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap in Florida with the San Antonio Stakes and San Marcos Stakes in California. The bet is sponsored by the racetracks and the Xpressbet account-wagering service and will be offered on DRF Bets. Both tracks are owned by The Stronach Group.

The Grade 1 Donn Handicap will have a field expected to include Lea, who won the race in 2014, and Constitution, who won the 2014 Florida Derby.

John Burton More than 1 year ago
LEA! LEA! LEA! That horse broke my heart when it won the 2014 the Donn Handicap at GP! I was alive in the huge PK-4 payouts to Revolutionary and Will Take Charge - the two chalk. The PK- 4 payouts were huge because a 31-1 had won the third leg. Payouts to Revolutionary would have been $5400.00 and to Will Take Charge, $3600.00. I don't recall what the PK-4 payout was to LEA (sidebar: My mother's name and my ex-wife's nickname.) If anyone out there knows, put it in the comments section so I can learn it and include in future retelling of this"bad beat" Thanks! _ Papa John
mark More than 1 year ago
That's a great idea and whoever thought of it should be commended. My question, like many others, is what will be the takeout? This always comes into play with exotic bets, and the horseplayer needs to get all he can after taking down a bet of this ilk.One more thing, the fields for these races can really shrink when a standout enters, but if I had a good horse I would entereven if just for a piece of the pie, and in racing so much happens that even 1 to 9 favorites get beat! It happens every day. So get brave owners, you can't win unless you run.
Steven Rolf More than 1 year ago
old news drf bloodhorse posted that 3 weeks ago
Tim Roberts More than 1 year ago
They need to shorten time in between races to 15 min. Get people in and out in 2 1/2 hours. Start the races much earlier too, like 10am. This kind of pick 4 between 2 tracks is great and if they time it right can be done and official in less than 30 min.
cherney19 More than 1 year ago
Shouldn't be too tough , use 7 and 8 in each GP race and the 2 favorites in the 6 horse fields at SA. Hope for a shot at GP and there ya go.
JeffMossDSR More than 1 year ago
Great idea. Why more of this isn't done across the country is beyond me.
Michael Lacolla More than 1 year ago
I am sure the players still involved with Monarch and Mid-Atlantic Coop impasse will be pleased with this bet?
Matt Banchero More than 1 year ago
Wow...took my advice I see...I recommend this a few months back.....
TEDK215 More than 1 year ago
lol that's funny!
Greg Scherr More than 1 year ago
SA will have 2 five/six horse fields (with a 50-1 shot in each) and GP will have 2 twelve horse fields with 8-9 having a legit shot, ahh So Cal racing at it's best
bigjoev33 . More than 1 year ago
Did you forget where the derby winner came from !
WarChant More than 1 year ago
which has nothing to do with the field sizes at SA
Michael Beauregard More than 1 year ago
Nice of them Mr Stronach is always thinking about the racing fans One question WHAT WILL THE TAKE OUT BE?