02/22/2013 7:13PM

Gulfstream Park: Rainbow 6 hit for $3.5 million


HALLANDALE BEACH Fla. - The Rainbow 6 jackpot, which has grown on a daily basis since Dec. 28, was finally hit on Friday when one ticket holder correctly picked all six winners to take down a prize worth $3,591,245 for a 10-cent wager. The payoff is the largest on a single wager in the history of Gulfstream Park. 

The winning ticket was purchased at the Meadowlands for $3,118.50, according to the track’s mutuel department. To take down the Rainbow 6 jackpot, a bettor must have the only ticket with the winning combination. Friday’s Rainbow 6 pool totaled $438,733, which meant there was just a single winning ticket out of 4,387,330 combinations played on Friday.   

The winning Rainbow 6 sequence, which did not contain a single favorite, began in race 5 with the 56-1 Keynor Veloz ($114) and continued with Original Cast ($11.40), Odalys Halo ($36.40), Artie’s Jasper ($17.20), Mays Treasuretrove ($23.60) and Feline Forum ($23)

Mark Scheider More than 1 year ago
If you guys are upset with Favorites and the Meadowlands now wait until March 1st when TVG takes over 4njbets.com. Remember when betting was free on the site? Welcome to membership plans and being limited to what tracks you can stream on the internet. I for one am very disgruntled about this.
Mary Raymond More than 1 year ago
Gulfstream Park takes 20% = $700,000. Uncle Sam takes about 48% of balance, left with about $1.5 million. Beautiful pay day, congrats............Bert D
derek More than 1 year ago
incorrect 20 percent already taken
James More than 1 year ago
Better Lucky than good. The Luck comes from being the only one. Regardless, big Atta Boy to winner, life changing score for most people.
Paul More than 1 year ago
Some very interesting posts out there. For those of you that have wished me congratulations, I am truly thankful, and as my very good friend Bob M has stated, I've been chasing the big hit since I was 18 years old. The Management and the bettors at Favorites were awesome and genuinely were so happy for me when Feline Forum crossed the finish line. With that said, let me tell you why this was a combination of some skill and (as always) a lot of luck. I knew in order to take this thing down (as a sole winner), there had to be almost no favorites (especially in the latter races) as most bettors front load their pick 6 tickets (to simply survive) and gravitate towards the favorites when they are forced to play only 1 or two horses in the later legs. So, I consciously went into the day knowing that I was going to avoid favorites late. While I still front loaded my ticket, I purposely singled a double digit odds horse in the 10th race (Feline Forum was actually 15-1 in the morning line and went off at 10-1) So, my strategy was right, the luck was that I picked a perfect day to avoid favorites (particularly in the 10th race - where I singled Feline Forum) Keynor Velez in the 5th race (the 50-1 shot) was very playable as he was tied for the Best Beyer in the field. While his more recent races were atrocious, he still had some good back Beyers (for this garbage field). Honestly, how often do you get a horse at 50-1 who has the best Beyer rating in the field. (I also had $20 to win on Keynor Velez) The lucky play was Arties Jasper in the 8th who I did not like, but simply threw him in as he was the 6 horse. (Anytime I play the 4 horse in the pick 6, I automatically throw in the 6 horse and vice versa) So that was clearly "dumb" luck. As far as singling Feline Forum, once the decision was made to avoid any single digit odds horses, he became somewhat of a logical choice. First time lasix, first time blinkers, 2nd time out, with a possible upside. It was absolutely the greatest feeling in the world when Feline Forum opened up in mid stretch (and no one was really coming hard) That was basically it and the rest is history. My point is that having a strategy (and sticking to it) is the skill and you just have to hope that the luck follows suit.
Hail No More than 1 year ago
Congrats, Horseplayer! "Going for the one, underneath the flanks of a thoroughbred racing chaser"
JULIUS ROBINSON More than 1 year ago
Wow! Great job Paul!! You are correct, you must have a strategy and stick with it. Also, you handicapping was awesome!
Vinod Jhangimal More than 1 year ago
Congratulations to you sir. While reading your explanation the movie "Let It Ride," with Richard Dreyfuss, continued to play in my head. I can only imagine that feeling of exhilaration you must have had when you just knew it was your day. Hope you donate a couple of bucks to some horse shelter or animal protective services. I'm sure they would be very appreciative.
Neal Benoit More than 1 year ago
So what do you do for an encore? I've often wondered how hitting the big one changes your interest in horseplaying.
Paul More than 1 year ago
Not sure. I will probably look for some big carryovers and take a few more shots. The nice thing now is that this hit justifies my 30 years of playing the ponies.
Neal Benoit More than 1 year ago
I get that. I just returned from a trip to GP, and the whole time I was thinking I've got to make $x amount to justify my going down there. We're a different breed, horseplayers. Have you considered telling your story? When I say your story, not just this hit, but the 30 years of work that led up to this one moment. Are you a writer in any way?
MGropenSDREADER More than 1 year ago
tommy tutone More than 1 year ago
That be one HAPPY sucker.....
RIZZI More than 1 year ago
I hit my first pick 6 at SA in Jan for 7k on a 2.00 bet . Then hit 5 of 6 at Aqueduct 2 days later. Sometimes you just get lucky.
pennyandy More than 1 year ago
there was possibly an upside to the 56-1 winning horse as he beat 5 horses in previous race, in the previous 4 races, he had beaten only two horses-will the trainer win another race this year? ditto for the jockey?
JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
That is fabulous! Whoever won it was a very lucky person. This is equivalent to winning the lottery. I'm very happy for the winner. Congratulations on your good fortune. I hope your celebration party is a fantastic, joyous one.
Arlene Factor More than 1 year ago
55-1 on a horse that should have been at least 300 - 1 can anyone say ringer?? not unusual in florida - history repeats itself!! and you thought the diamond heist in brussels was the biggest robbery story of the week
AndyScoggin More than 1 year ago
I tried to bet the Rainbow at Favorites earlier in the meeting and they wouldn't take it.