03/04/2013 2:25PM

Gulfstream Park: Mucho Macho Man sent to Maryland to train for next start


HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – The popular Mucho Macho Man, who has made Gulfstream Park his winter headquarters for the past two seasons, has left town for his new home at the Fair Hill training center in Maryland. Trainer Kathy Ritvo shipped Mucho Macho Man out on Monday morning along with several other members of her stable.

Mucho Macho Man finished second to Fort Larned following a stirring stretch duel in the Breeders’ Cup Classic. He had been pointed for a rematch with that nemesis in Saturday’s Grade 2 Gulfstream Park Handicap but was forced to miss the race after contracting a virus last week. Mucho Macho Man won the one-mile Gulfstream Park Handicap last year.

Ritvo said she and stable manager Finn Green decided it would be in Mucho Macho Man’s best interests to return to a Northern climate while recuperating from his ailment, because that’s where he will most likely make his next start.

“We have nothing specific picked out for him at the moment,” said Ritvo. “We’ll have to see how he’s doing, but by being located and training at Fair Hill it certainly gives us quite a few options to look at.”

Mother More than 1 year ago
horse racing is so political a horse dont do what its supposed to, lets play musical chairs with our jockey choices. the sad reality is this horses problem aint how he is ridden, it is the poor choices its trainer keeps making. i wil say it again mott or baffert.
Mother More than 1 year ago
You all have valid points. i have followed horse racing for almost 30 years. i have seen the great trainers and great horses. KATHY RITVO aint no great trainer. GET RID OF HER this horse is rinning out of time as he is already five. I HAVE 2 WORDS. BAFFERT or MOTT. nuff said.
Kelly Frazier More than 1 year ago
I think the owners a making a trainer switch, Motion???
Bruce Baudoux More than 1 year ago
Why not Dickinson? He is at Fair Hills also. I doubt anybody is changing anything off of one loss. Give the woman credit she has handled this horse as well as anybody.
Kelly Frazier More than 1 year ago
Dickinson doesn't train anymore.
Bruce Baudoux More than 1 year ago
It's a secret, he's getting Da Hoss ready for the Breeders Cup Mile again, shhhhhhh
Kelly Frazier More than 1 year ago
Good idea, take a an ill horse and ship him 1200 miles north in the winter??
Albert More than 1 year ago
The idea that shipping the horse out anywhere might provide an answer to what went wrong in his last race is a sign of desperation. It means they don't know. Few horses get better with age and this one is in decline. You probably won't see him challenging for the lead again, against any kind of company. He's old. His joints are old. And something is hurting him....they just haven't spotted it yet.
Ronald Dodgen More than 1 year ago
Imagine what this horse would do if Baffert had him. Boy can he train a speed horse.
Ceil Rock More than 1 year ago
The problem is that he's not a speed horse. In the BC he was sitting in the garden spot right off Fort Larned. Mike Smith said when FL made his move, MMM just couldn't keep up - FL had a much better turn of foot. That being said, I do think he might be changing trainers. My first choice would be Dale Romans. He can train any kind of horse and he doesn't have a big dirt horse, so MMM would be his #1 (unlike Bob Baffert who has the Dude and Paynter, plus a barn full of good 3-year-olds.)
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
Getting this horse to Fairhill vs gulfstream is a smart move. Much quieter atmosphere..turnouts and clinics on site...and a top class training track(s)...gulf not always the best surface or atmosphere...specially since he wont race at the meet. Who would criticize such a smart move for the horse?
Bruce Baudoux More than 1 year ago
Kelly Frazier
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Tom More than 1 year ago
Attention Kathy Ritvo, don't listen to all of this bad stuff about you. It is not you, it's your jockey. Get rid of Mike Mike Smith, jockey Smith blew The Woodward & The BC Classic, MMM would have & should have won both under a different jockey. Hopefully Ramon will be back by MMM's next race and forgive him for loosing the mount when he chose Trickmister over MMM in the Suburban Hcp. GET Rid OF SMITH
Ceil Rock More than 1 year ago
Since he's riding Royal Delta and Game On Dude, it won't matter anyway, will it.
Joe Rockhold More than 1 year ago
Give it up Tom, the horse just isn't that good. The fact that Dominguez ever opted for Trickmeister should tell you something.
Patrick De Vito More than 1 year ago
MMM has NEVER won anything significant...only a grade 2 or 3 horse.
Dave More than 1 year ago
The numbers do not back that up.
Barry Taylor More than 1 year ago
He is a decent horse, but will never be a "great" horse. In both the Woodward and Breeders cup, he had the entire stretch to get by one horse, and on both occasions faltered. To me he seams like a coward. I figure that was the reason for the blinkers in the last race. He give the impression that when a horse is next to him in the stretch he doesn't want to get by.
Bruce Baudoux More than 1 year ago
Like Kathy Ritvo is going to listen to you. You need to get a grip on reality Tom. Mike Smith is currently the rider for two of the top three or four horses in training. Know why Tom? Cause he is one of the best money riders around and trainers know that too. Why don't you check the results for money won last year 2012. For a guy who doesn't have to ride six or seven a day the guy sure knows how to bring home the bacon. Wise up man.
Tom More than 1 year ago
I googled the word Baudoux, it means douchbag in French.
Bruce Baudoux More than 1 year ago
Merci bien merde tete
mikey J More than 1 year ago
Mrs Ritvo has done nothing but the "Right Thing" by this horse and to insinuate any another intention is mere ignorance. The horse was alength away from being victorious In the Breeders Cup Classic. To get the horse that good she had to do something right. However, the way MMM ran in his last race does beg the question????? Was the horse not well or did Mike Smith pull another one of his "oh wells" on the favorite as he has done numerous times in the past, or does the horse have some legitimate physical ailments. If she sees fit to give the horse some time only time will tell if it is the right decision. Given the fact that she sees the horse on a daily basis I will hold back any statements pro or con til the fall, and so should all you others who think any other trainer could do a better job