01/23/2013 5:08PM

Gulfstream Park: A listless Groupie Doll will get extended vacation

Barbara D. Livingston
Groupie Doll will be taken of training and pointed to a fall campaign.

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – Groupie Doll, an almost unanimous choice as female sprint champion in 2012, will return to Buff Bradley’s farm in Kentucky for some additional rest after not training to her trainer’s satisfaction since her arrival at Gulfstream Park just before the start of the New Year.

Groupie Doll won five straight graded stakes, culminating with her easy victory in the Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint before concluding her championship campaign missing by a nose to Stay Thirsty after a thrilling stretch run in Aqueduct’s Grade 1 Cigar Mile. Bradley gave Groupie Doll a break on the farm after the Cigar Mile before shipping her to south Florida on the final weekend of 2012. She spiked a mild temperature shortly after her arrival, recovered quickly, but was just not herself, according to Bradley, once finally able to resume training last week.

“She just wasn’t as willing on the racetrack as we’d hoped,” Bradley said by phone from Tampa Bay Downs, where he ran two horses Wednesday. “She feels good around the barn, but I can tell she’s not as happy as she was before. She’s just not wanting to do it right now for whatever reason. She’s never shown anything like this, which is what concerns me a bit. I talked to my dad and our other two partners, and we were all in agreement to give her some more time on the farm.”

Bradley said there is no thought, at this time, of pulling the plug on Groupie Doll’s career and sending her to the breeding shed this season.

“Not one of the four of us want to stop on her for good,” Bradley said. “We’re not even thinking about breeding. It’s not an option unless something else was to turn up. Our main goal is to race her, have her out there for the public, as long as she won’t be jeopardized in any way.”

Bradley said he is hopeful he can have Groupie Doll back for a late summer and fall campaign, culminating with a defense of her title in the Breeders’ Cup.

“We’ll miss the Inside Information here and the first two races from her streak last year, which is disappointing,” Bradley said referring to Groupie Doll’s Grade 1 victories in the Madison and Humana Distaff. “But I feel good about our chances of having her back for those last three races she won a year ago, including the Breeders’ Cup.”

Bradley said winning the Eclipse Award last Saturday has helped take some of the sting out of having to stop on Groupie Doll for the time being.

“The timing of the award was good,” Bradley said. “None of our partners are down a bit. We’ll just send her back to the farm, and I’ll leave it up to my wife Kim and Brass Hat to get her right again.”

Bradley said Groupie Doll will remain here with him at Gulfstream for the time being.

“I haven’t even arranged for a van yet,” Bradley said. “I want to wait for the weather to break up there a little before we send her back.”

Delrene Sims More than 1 year ago
All the best to Groupie Doll and her connections. You were absolutely magnificent at the Breeder's Cup. Have a great vacation and hope to see you again very soon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All this mention of Ta Wee makes me happy, because she was a all time great. Sorry but Groupie Doll is not is the same league. A little known fact is that in 1970 Ta Wee carried the highest average weight per start as any horse in history of US racing. No Groupie Doll could not have beat her at 7 furlongs either, go look up who Ta Wee was beating at 7 furlongs, the 69 Vosburgh in particular.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Just an aside...On the Gulfstream site in 'News and Barn Notes' there is a grrreat story about Jerkens and his early years there.
Jeff More than 1 year ago
She (Groupie Doll) left everything on the track in the Cigar Mile. After the race, I immediately began thinking of Rachel leaving everything on the track at Saratoga. If she looses her taste for this level of competition... I wouldn't hold it against her. Remember, she was the only one that ran against the bias in the BC Ladies Sprint and she crushed them. The second place horse is about the only horse I know of that ran and won after the BC. I love that horse and she was a solid single in all my multi-race exotics. The Repole horse (Stay Thirsty) was "all out" to barely get to her in the last jump.
Billy Spathanas More than 1 year ago
I would definatly agree with you that Groupie Doll left it all on the track in the Cigar Mile. A filly against the boys(Okay , a lot of people wanted to see it). A true sprinter in GD asked to stretch it out a bit further against the boys had squeezed as much juice out of her as you could squeeze. I know she ran a winning race and it looked like she put her nose on the wire first, but the cameras caught her to be second. I just hope the boys did not make her feel like she got beat up. She gave her ALL in that last 3/8ths of a mile and ran her heart out because that is what they do for us! I just wish she can be as good or better when she comes back...... to be continued................................
Pom De Terre More than 1 year ago
Great analogy jeff- i was standing behind the fence past the finish line at saratoga when rachel came back to the winner's circle, and she was absolkutely exhausted. he head was hanging so low it was almost on the ground. she never came back to form after that race, an i hope the same does not hold true for groupie doll. however, when connections see fit to run this filly in 9 races last year, 8 of which were graded, 1 against the boys, and in the way that she ran them, her reaction to being back on the track was predictable. i would love to see her come back in the fall, and i think her turn out after the cigar just wasn't long enough. hope she makes a successful return, but i have my doubts.
Don Crook More than 1 year ago
Check the url below. Click on the first two icons. The first gives her racing highlights and the second shows a photo of her in the winner's circle. Should be John Rotz in the saddle. http://www.pedigreequery.com/ta+wee
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
same thing as rachel alexander, peaked and will never be the same!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don Crook More than 1 year ago
Ta Wee was a huge wide girthed filly/mare that was practically unbeatable at 6F. Maybe her half brother, the Doctor, was about the only one in a day of many terrific performers. Groupie may have given her a tussle the longer they stretched out, but 6F or less would be too tough for the Doll. Ta Wee won the Fall Highweight under extreme imposts in back to back years beating the top male sprinters that were brave enough to chase her.
Big Jeff More than 1 year ago
A question for the "Old Timers" out there. (just for referance) ...I wasn't around, but am quite aware of the great filly sprinter Ta Wee. How does a filly like Groupie Doll compare to her , or even a filly like Xtra Heat. Like I said this is just so I can get a point of referance on just how good Groupie Doll is or just how great Ta Wee was. Thanks.
Joe Rockhold More than 1 year ago
Not quite an 'old timer' as I never saw Ta Wee. However, assuming both fillies were on their game, Xtra Heat would beat Groupie Doll 9 out of 10 times at 6F or less. Groupie Doll would have the edge at 7F but at 6F my money would be on Xtra Heat every time. Dont get me wrong I think Groupie Doll is very good but Xtra Heat was one of a kind.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Big Jeff, I was o'seas during her big years but 142 pounds has got to tell you something. They couldn't beat her so tried to bury her in lead. But look to her Momma, Aspidistra and her own offspring, Great Above. That says more. As for on track the only worthy name that comes to mind is Ruffian but man stepped in before we ever saw her best.
Pom De Terre More than 1 year ago
ta wee has been rated in the top 10 horses of all time by david davidovitch (sp?) in 2007, and i believe all but one other were males. obviously before zenny and ra, but i'm unsure whether both of them would have made the list.
myjockwon More than 1 year ago
if she never runs again she owe's them nothing,her value will not increase they had a great run with her and she will make a great mom
Mike Rutledge More than 1 year ago
Anyone who does not use their real name when they are complaining is a puss.
myjockwon More than 1 year ago
who's complaining