12/01/2014 2:44PM

Grunder begins 31st season as Tampa Bay announcer


OLDSMAR, Fla. – “Good luck and good racing!”

It’s a simple five-word phrase, but much like Tom Durkin’s “at the Spaaaaaaaa,” Richard Grunder’s trademark salute to the fans following the completion of his daily announcement of scratches and changes is completely unique and an indelible part of Tampa Bay Downs’s charm.

Grunder begins his 31st season behind the microphone as Tampa Bay Downs’s announcer this season. The Kansas native grew up traveling to the smaller tracks of the Midwest and plains states with his father during the summer months as the latter ran a modest string, and the younger Grunder is an unabashed racetracker first and announcer second. He mixes information for the bettors as well as members of the racing community during his calls in a style that has earned him a large and loyal following through the years.

anonymous More than 1 year ago
This guy has a horrible voice that I can't stand listening to. He may have good words but his voice is just too much. The best indicator is, I immediately turn off the volume the moment he comes on. I don't know how a track can keep someone like that for so long, or even for a short time.
Mark More than 1 year ago
Say this for Grunder.At my local OTB,all I have to do is listen and I always know when Tampa is running!
Ivan Lopez More than 1 year ago
Not one of my favorite announcers. Too irritating a voice!!
philcoforde More than 1 year ago
Skimpy write up on one of the true constants in the winter months of racing. Count me as a FAN.
Steve Kendall More than 1 year ago
One of the best announcers of all time!! Put's that guy from Churchill and new New York announcer Larry Colmous to shame..
Ted Shezansky More than 1 year ago
The BEST part of wagering from home is that I can turn the sound off on these "nails on a chalkboard" type guys. Good announcers augment the live race experience. Grunder's voice is a gravelly, irritating distraction that would be best used as a carnival barker.
BNastanovich More than 1 year ago
Grunder gives his all for racing in this country. I'm grateful for guys like him.
Vincent Spathanas More than 1 year ago
I don't who is worse, Grunder and Battaglia...
Mel More than 1 year ago
Tough call but I think Battaglia gets the nod
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Good "old school" calls, I enjoy his work !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Doug, you should look up the definition of unique and you will realize it does not take a modifier such as completely.