06/25/2002 11:00PM

Great Lakes track report


MUSKEGON, Mich. - Fortunately, it was much ado about little when fire trucks from three municipalities came calling at Great Lakes Downs on Monday around 11 p.m. Simulcast wagering was still being conducted when there was a minor fire in the roof air conditioning equipment, according to Barbara Beadnell, who manages Derby's Bar at the track.

"A concessions worker noticed the smoke and called 911," Beadnell said. "We cleared out the building and shut down for the evening. Everything was fine the next day."

Both leading rider Terry Houghton and second place Freddie Mata won four times on Monday's 10-race card. Both riders are represented by agent Frank Garoufalis.

All 10 races Monday were won by jockeys who employ valet Larry Allen. Besides working for Houghton and Mata, Allen handles the tack of Mary Doser and his nephew Mike Allen. Doser and Allen won the other two races on Monday's card, giving Larry Allen a valet's sweep.