03/16/2011 12:22PM

Grayson-Jockey Club names grant recipients


The Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation announced funding Wednesday for 17 equine veterinary research projects, including studies of laminitis, piroplasmosis, and roaring.

Three studies related to laminitis will receive funding. One, the University of Pennsylvania’s gene therapy study now in its second year, also received $49,000 in funds from the National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s Barbaro Fund for Equine Health and Safety Research.

The Barbaro Fund is named for the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner who died in 2007. The colt broke down in the Preakness Stakes and was euthanized after developing laminitis. Dr. Dean Richardson, who led Barbaro’s treatment, heads the University of Pennsylvania research project.

The Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation also awarded the fifth annual Elastikon Research Award to Dr. Laurie Goodrich of Colorado State University to study gene therapy for osteoarthritis. And it presented the Storm Cat Career Development Award, a $15,000 grant to an individual considering a career in equine research, to Cornell University doctoral student Kyla Ortved, also studying gene therapy with Professor Alan Nixon. Established in 2006, the Storm Cat Award is underwritten by Lucy Young Hamilton. Hamilton is the daughter of Storm Cat’s late owner, William T. Young.

A previous Storm Cat Award recipient, Dr. Martin Vidal of the University of California at Davis, is among researchers receiving grants this year, for his work to identify the best cell type to repair tendon and ligament injuries.