12/17/2012 7:18PM

Governor vetoes New York City offtrack betting proposal


Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York on Monday vetoed a bill that would have allowed Catskill Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation to resurrect offtrack wagering in New York City's five boroughs.

Cuomo exercised the veto on a piece of legislation passed this summer at the behest of unions representing former workers of New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation, which closed at the end of 2010. Cuomo had never expressed any support for the legislation, which would have closed the door on attempts by the New York Racing Association - now under state control - to open parlors in the city.

Cuomo has said that the state needs to overhaul its gambling laws in anticipation of efforts to legalize additional casinos in New York. In addition, New York City's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has said that he did not support efforts to reopen offtrack betting parlors in the city without changes to state law.

Earlier this year, Cuomo pushed for legislation giving the state the power to appoint a majority of directors on the New York Racing Association's board. The board met for the first time last week, and the association is expected to explore its options for operating OTB in New York City over the next year. 


Michael Jacob More than 1 year ago
They should put a few slot machines in OTB. Take sport betting. Get someone that knows how to run it OTB can bring in millions.
Phil D More than 1 year ago
I think putting in slots in would be a good idea to bring in new customers who usually don't bet on the horses. Instead of otb's i think they should put in a couple teletheaters, the one in Albany is well kept, the betting experience is better and a lot of space to put slots in if they wanted too. I don't live in NYC but i like to hear what someone who lives in NYC what their opinion is on this. A lot of small otb's again or a couple of teletheaters?
David Smith More than 1 year ago
otb is a joke....going to the track is bad enough....keep it closed for good please..lower the take out..that's progress..
Robert Sica More than 1 year ago
The state now in charge of the NYRA will doubtlessly consider its options for operating OTB in New York City as well as the NYRA paying for the cost of OTB health benefits, which is in one's mind an ethical solution to an unethical problem, OTB health benefits nullification.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good ,not needed rude tellers awfull service. What happened to the 1% that was assesed to the betters to keep it open ? I never forgot and do not play in NY any more .Lots of tracks with lower takeout and better quality of races less md, less state breds less restricted races Lone time player Joe
Lawrence Benton More than 1 year ago
Governor Cuomo made the right decision. OTB's since their inception have been noting but a parasite on the horse racing industry and a public trough for local politicians. If anyone is to establish modern betting facilities in NYC it should be the operator of the racing industry which puts on the show in New York. Let's do it right this time.
Jeffries Will More than 1 year ago
Cuomo is a disgrace! Its a one way street and he's a clown. Enjoy the final Aqueduct meet.
Richard Helfman More than 1 year ago
In the last sentence, shouldn't "over the next year" be placed right after "its options?" Since state laws amending gambling have to come first, one assumes that no entity will be operating an OTB in NYC over the next year.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
The problem here eludes me, like doesn't anyone in New York City know how to take bets?
raymond More than 1 year ago
Chad don't ever go to Suffolk Downs, you'll puke at the service you get. The tellers are all on heavy meds and can't count, besides that they think that they can hold conversations with other tellers along the line and not make mistakes. And when you confront them with their mistakes they say to you that listen guy, you did'nt ask for this or that, suck their teeth act like it's a problem to listen to the customer and then insult you with name calling and other rude gestures and facial expressions. If you believe in Lucky Leprechauns then Suckers Downs is the place to go. Bunch of Butchers.
wrongly More than 1 year ago
Why don't they just sell self bet machine to bars? Place them all over the city with ticket cashing machine like the casinos have. No employees, just mechanics to service the machines.
Ponies Payme More than 1 year ago
If it is abything like my OTB - you would need a 24 hour guy to unjam the paper.
Chris Lowe More than 1 year ago
Catskill OTB has two in the Southern Tier of NY. One is in the Binghamton area and one with two kiosks in a bar in Elmira.
raymond More than 1 year ago
Govenor Cuomo is a chip of the old block, his Father should be very proud of his son for displaying the courage it takes to Govern. Hooray for Govenor Cuomo. God Bless you and your family.
MR More than 1 year ago
Leave "God" out of it. If you like Cuomo just say so.