02/16/2015 10:24AM

Golden Gate Fields race declared a 'no contest'


Sunday’s first race at Golden Gate Fields was declared a “no contest” when the starting gate in the one-mile race could not be removed from the track due to an equipment malfunction.

Jockeys were able to pull up their horses with no injuries after outriders and assistant starters ran up the track to the far turn to warn them.

All wagers, with the exceptions of the pick five and pick three, were refunded. In those two races, all bettors were credited with a win in the first leg.

gerald vinci More than 1 year ago
The horses were absolutely beautiful and graceful as they pulled up
Dick Brasher More than 1 year ago
Totally stupid!Why,as a race track,who make millions,would they have a pos tractor that won`t work....happened at Del Mar last year too,but the crew moved it.The problem is,as an owner,your horse just ran most of a race,and will now sit in the barn for another 3 weeks,at 85 a day.....
Brian Goodspeed More than 1 year ago
Had Lady of the Nile in that race. Unbelievable! Yes it is believable. Could do nothing but laugh as they turned for home. In the third race, went to put a last minute bet on the # 3 Toomuchisnotenough, and for some reason the betting was stopped before the horses entered the gate. Of course, # 3 won, so at that point it was like $1 beer time because "Toomuchisnotenough!"
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
So do they distribute the use to all the connections? Pretty bad if the connections horses ran 90% of the race and then pull their horses up.
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
Greggory Kowalkowski More than 1 year ago
fantastic job by the staff in the stretch!!!
Walter More than 1 year ago
Wasn't there a time when SA had Clydesdales pulling the starting gate? I vaguely remember that long ago.
nancyb More than 1 year ago
Yes I remember that too. It was fun watching those big guys fidget waiting for the start and the rumble of them dragging that gate away fast.
Westin Niles More than 1 year ago
This is the reason why some tracks (ex: "Santa Anita") have two tractors lined up one in front of the other. The tractor that is hooked up to the starting gate has a trailer hitch mounted on the front of it. If the tractor that is hooked to the starting gate....fails, the second tractor is used to pull both the faulty tractor and the starting gate off the track. Lessons will be learned from this.
Joyce and Brad More than 1 year ago
If you watch the replay, you'll see there was a second tractor on the track. Not sure why it had moved up the track. I was at Santa Anita once when the primary tractor failed. Rather than have a hitch to connect the second tractor, they actually looped a long chain around the first one and pulled the tractor and gate out of the way. That was years ago, but sure looked stupid at the time.