05/02/2016 9:22AM

Golden Gate Fields hires Angela Hermann as race-caller

Golden Gate Fields photo
Angela Hermann

ALBANY, Calif. – Golden Gate Fields announced Sunday that it has hired the first full-time female race-caller in the U.S., Angela Hermann, to replace Michael Wrona, who has been hired as Santa Anita's announcer.

Wrona concluded his 24-year stint with Golden Gate Fields after the final race Sunday.

"It's so hard to put into words what this opportunity means to me," said the 29-year-old Hermann, who worked at Canterbury Park as an usher at age 17 and most recently was Canterbury's racing analyst and substitute announcer. She served as a guest analyst during the Turf Festival at Golden Gate Fields and called several races with Wrona in the booth alongside her.

"There were a number of very experienced and very well-qualified announcers interested in the Golden Gate position, but we felt the time was right to introduce a new voice to our fans,” said Joe Morris, senior vice president of West Coast Operations for The Stronach Group, which owns Golden Gate Fields. “Angela has the experience to be that voice."

Hermann will continue to be the analyst for Golden Gate's simulcast programs.

Robert 3 months ago
She actually is quite good...I expect her to have a very long and successful career. 
Warren Yurman 4 months ago
I think she is great-
Been watching races for 68 years her calls are exciting and colorful
 All you jerks that spend most of your time tearing up tickets leave her be
 Go root for Kaepernick
pemuehleck 11 months ago
She will get better. Too many words. Too much explanation. Once she begins to understand the Bard's concept of BREVITY things will get better. I wish her all the best. 

And you could have wound up with Suzann Waldronn for God's sakes!!! 
Oregon Ducks 11 months ago
This female is, without a doubt, the absolute worst , most pathetic, horrible race caller Ihave ever heard.   Leave it to the dunces of liberal, politically correct California to hire the first female to call races.  Hell, the Giants did the same thing.  A high pitched female is their baseball PA announcer.  These two broads are simply abhorrent to listen to.   
Biz112763 7 months ago
Couldn't agree more.  By far the worst and its not even close.  GGF is an absolute joke, whomever made this decision should be fired. Immediately.  
Sal Bruno 11 months ago
gosh, i can't belive some of you here hate ANGELA & i don't like it a bit! she's doing such a great job & some of you are treating her like trash! she's doing the best she can and it's not an easy job to be a race caller! she'll get better as time goes on so give her a break! as for you haters, you can go SCREW YOURSELVES!!!
Mark Evangelisti 11 months ago
Stop. She's just not good. I am sorry, it's not for a woman.
Biz112763 7 months ago
If you think she's doing a great job, you are:
-Her Father
- Her Husband
- The dumbest man on the planet.

She is beyond awful.  I'm not against a female doing the job, but she is terrible. She has no business being in the booth.  What an absolute joke.
Brian Ulrich More than 1 year ago
God she is terrible. If they wanted to make a statement and be the first to hire a full time female race caller I applaud them, but dont do it just to make a statement and hire someone that sounds like she doesnt know what she is doing. There are many more race callers around at smaller tracks like Matt Dinnerman at Emerald Downs that would have been a much better choice. 
Gary Wernett More than 1 year ago
P.S.  I'm a Chicago guy.  I grew up on characters like Phil Georgeff and Pat Foley, two of the broadcasting greats.  First Angela will have to master her timing, the horse's names, and all the other basics.  Later on, she may introduce some more character and liveliness to her calls.  It's a process, and it's not as easy as it looks.  
Gary Wernett More than 1 year ago
Guys-she is a life-long racing enthusiast, she has a great personality, and her heart is in the right place.  The game needs new blood.  She will grow into the role.  Give her a break. She was a good race analyst at Canterbury and her little side-features were entertaining.  Golden Gate Fields is lucky to have her, especially since the quality of the racing is actually BETTER at Canterbury right now.  At least they have full fields and the occasional long-shot winner.  How often does Golden Gate have an Exacta that pays over $50??  All I see is a bunch of lifers over-betting the chalk every d@mn day-it's boring.  When people think of racing, they think of some old man yelling at a TV screen and waiving his cane at everyone.  Angela might be able to give the game an image upgrade.
Clancy Barham More than 1 year ago
Awful- boring - monotone and those are the kind comments
Andrew Ros More than 1 year ago
From the start of the race to the end, she is possibly the worst announcer for anything I have heard.. she doesn't change tones, she doesn't understand the race and the changes, she laughs at herself at nothing, she is monotone to a point where you get deterred to have any sound on and on top of it all, the biggest kicker, she miscalls half the race.   I'm all for equality in sports. Susan Waldman has been the Yankees radio announcer with John sterling for years yet she knows more than most dudes.  This girl needs to be fired or this feed needs to be cut. A blind man can call a better race than this wannabe announcer.  Give me the job for 1 day, I'll put her to shame and drop the mic and walk. 
Sal Bruno More than 1 year ago
gosh i never seen so many negative comments on Angela! i mean give her a break! she's learning & believe she'll do better! i think she's doing an excellent job!! 
Andrew Ros More than 1 year ago
You don't get hired to learn