06/16/2016 7:02PM

Golden Gate executive apologizes to jackpot six bettors


ARCADIA, Calif .- A Golden Gate Fields executive apologized to racing fans on Thursday for the chaos surrounding the late transfer of two races from turf to the synthetic main track on June 12, a day with a massive pool in the track’s jackpot pick six.

After the pick six began, two races were transferred to the main track after jockeys decided not to ride the turf course, citing unsafe conditions. At Thursday’s California Horse Racing Board meeting, track executive Joe Morris said the track regretted the situation.

“It came out hardest on our players, and our big players, and we’re truly sorry for that,” Morris said. “It was unfortunate, for sure. The Stronach Group would never put jockeys or horses…at harm. In hindsight, there were some communication issues and we’ve started discussions on that.”

The Stronach Group is the parent company of Golden Gate Fields.

Racing board executive director Rick Baedeker said jockeys had not expressed concern to track stewards about the condition of the course.

“After the eighth race, the jockeys said they would not ride on the course,” Baedeker said. “Determining the safety of the racing surface is an inexact science. The jockeys racing over the surface are better than anyone to determine whether it’s safe or unsafe. Once the jockeys notified the stewards, they had no choice in the interest of safety or the jockeys to take racing off the turf.”

The June 12 program was the closing day of the Golden Gate Fields meeting. The 20-cent jackpot pick six began on closing day with a carryover of more than $1.4 million. The pool reached $4,594,997.

The two races switched from turf to the main track were considered winners on all tickets. The bet paid $146 for 31,438 winning tickets.


Mark Lewis More than 1 year ago
The turf course didn't go bad from one race to another! Haven't heard any jock stand behind the "refuse to ride" Golden Gate is claiming. AAAAND, if the course was unsafe then say it's unsafe! Don't blame the jocks!
KOYAJAPAN More than 1 year ago
It is difficult enough to handicap six consecutive winners , now I feel I have to handicap the minds of jockeys and track management !   Anyone likes the idea of  organizing a boycott day against Churchill and Golden Gate ??    Like to hear some feedbacks on how to do it effectively.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have ignore Northern California racing for years now. Who wants to bet consistently on 5 & 6 horse fields with a 3/5 favorite?
gradeonewinner More than 1 year ago
pick 6 is the track employees bonus.lol dont be fooled

Bob More than 1 year ago
Playing the P6 on mandatory payout days has always been one of the biggest scams in racing. Many bettors think they have somehow figured out something that the rest of us don't know as they rush to the window to play the "mandatory payout." As though it makes it any more likely that they will actually place a winning bet. The reality is that when they do connect it is typically with the same ticket that 10,000 other people have bet and the payout is disappointingly small.

Same thing goes for playing the P6 when there is a carryover. Just because there is a carryover it doesn't mean you are any more likely to cash a ticket. Therefore you shouldn't automatically play the P6 just because there is a carryover. You should only make any bet, P6 or otherwise, when you genuinely feel that you have an advantage over the crowd and with a bet size of .20 there are very few instances where a small bettor has any advantage at all in any parimutuel poo!
Vince Piscitelli More than 1 year ago
Not denying this was a fiasco but Bob, you could not possibly be more wrong.

Anytime one bets into a huge negative takeout, it is an excellent opportunity.

Vince P
turfnsport More than 1 year ago
The industry should apologize for shoving this terrible bet down our throats.
Vaclav Spousta More than 1 year ago
swinery of the highest degree the golden gate management should be taken to court for the highest exhibition of fraud commited on the account of the bettors
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
In the first place this is a terrible bet. These .20 and .10 cent pick 6 are the biggest rip off out there. They are designed to accumulate and generate revenue for the track. It's promoted as a possible windfall and is usually a disappointment ..often one or two days before the mandatory payout someone with deep pockets and on track connections takes the big praise. I actually hit a nice one at Gulfstream a few years ago. And still would not recommend it to anybody.
Jay Reid More than 1 year ago
I will never play golden gate again. It was criminal not only did it affect the pick 6 it also affected the pick 4. An absolute joke and complete BS. The pick 4 should have been refunded the announcement was made after the pick 4 started. Another issue is the third leg of the pick 6 had Chaves listed not Cedillo when I found that out in the post parade I had to go play the pick 4. Than races get taken off the turf and i get screwed twice. Golden Gate should be charged w/ fraud and anybody involved in the decision making that went on Sunday should be fired.
Randy Baker More than 1 year ago
,Russell Baze knew to cut bait and retire rather than be connected to this ongoing fiasco.
David Najar More than 1 year ago
After this comedy show anybody that ever places another bet at Golden Gate should have their heads examined. There was no excuse for what happened.