02/22/2016 9:11AM

Golden Gate: CT scan shows no fractures for Frey


Doctors at Highland Hospital in Oakland, Calif., revised their initial diagnosis that jockey Kyle Frey had suffered fractures to his left leg and right arm after being unseated by his mount, Pure Comedy, in Saturday’s fifth race at Golden Gate Fields.

Frey underwent a CT scan following the original X-rays that suggested the fractures. The CT scan showed the 24-year-old Frey, who won the 2011 Eclipse Award as the nation’s outstanding apprentice rider, had suffered hematomas and crush injuries to the muscles covering his femur and humerus.

Golden Gate track physician Dr. David Seftel explained the misdiagnosis.

“Severe crush injuries can often obscure bones when viewed by plain X-rays, particularly if overlying dirt is involved,” he said. “Therefore, it took a read by an experienced radiologist to make the final determination.”

Frey is third in the Golden Gate jockeys’ standings with 23 wins.

Shawn Kennedy More than 1 year ago
I just watched the race- the horse ducks out when Frey switches his whip to his left hand and hits him left handed. Stevie Wonder could have seen it. Not sure what race you were watching...
cg4parts More than 1 year ago
I'll stand by my objective opinion on Mr. Frey's purely and comically dishonest ride. Next time out, last Sunday, March 13, Pure Comedy wins easy under ......Mr. Baze. And The Racing Form's 10-12 letter analysis of his race on February 20th proves my point. (Pure Comedy) "easy lead at 1/4, lost rider....." Dude, youre just a honk for GG. You couldnt see that one coming?
cg4parts More than 1 year ago
I watched the replay of this race. ALL FOUR TIMES that GG replayed it, after that long Steward's inquiry. And I, along with the with the ( expert handicapping ) concessionaire employees at Santa Anita, came to the same conclusion. Mr. Frey's actions, while still on the horse, looked....... ahhhh..... well... ....... peculiar. I saw his horse get the lead at top-of stretch, under little urging, ( Racing Form: I did not see ANY!! use of the whip, left or right handed ) then gain an obvious advantage, and then......... all of a sudden.... Mr., Frey looks over his right shoulder and does a perfect impersonation of my 12 year old sliding out of the upper bed of the bunk-bed he and his brother share. It looked for all the world like Mr. Frey wanted off that winning horse he was on and couldn't think of any other way. ....... Anyone??? Have the same opinion?