02/20/2018 2:01PM

Gluck study to address injury, illness in 2-year-olds


The University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center is conducting a study to examine the rate of injury and illness in North American 2-year-old Thoroughbreds in training.

The study, which is being led by Dr. Allen Page of the University of Kentucky, in collaboration with Dr. David Horohov of the University of Kentucky and Dr. Timothy Parkin of the University of Glasgow, will run from the first full week of March until early July. Participating trainers will be asked to answer weekly questions on 2-year-olds in training via an online survey, including information on the training schedules of participating horses, the track surface they are training or breezing on, if those horses missed any days of training due to injury or illness, the nature of that condition, and other details.

The Gluck Center plans to publish data arising from the project in a manner that maintains anonymity of participating trainers and horses.