10/31/2016 3:45PM

Gang of nine win final online BCBC seats


It was a busy weekend on DRF Tournaments with nine players winning their way into the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge in the final online qualifying event. The overall winner was Brian Herrity, an appropriate result since Herrity plans his year around qualifying for the BCBC. “I got to all the live BCBC qualifiers,” he told Daily Racing Form after winning a seat at Santa Anita last year. “I love them.”

Herrity ($108.40) put the hammer down early on Sunday, connecting cap horse Mystical Tale in Churchill’s seventh. Two races later he had McCracken ($28 win-place combined) and at that point, he could have bageled the rest of the sequence and still gotten a seat. He padded the score, however, adding four more small collections.

Only two of the other qualifiers had Mystical Tale: Geoffrey Schutt ($83.40), and Peter Osessa ($64). Osella’s card was fascinating to behold: just the one collection, but in the end it was enough.

The other players to win BCBC seats were Vaugnn Bair ($93.20), Richard Ilharregut ($73.30), David Chenvert ($66.20), John Cappelletti ($64.20), John Doyle ($63.30), and Vic Stauffer ($62.90).

Stauffer had previously earned a shot at a $1 million bonus by qualifying for the BCBC at Santa Anita’s contest back in May. He must designate one of his entries as the one going for the bonus. He has already stated that if he wins the BCBC, he plans to donate $70,000 to the Disabled Jockeys’ Fund.

Sunday’s sold-out BCBC qualifier had a buy-in of $1,000 but players could win in via $110 feeders or $21 super feeders. Feeders are a great way of allowing lower-bankroll players to play in the biggest contests without having to stretch them beyond what they’re comfortable spending.

On Saturday, there were two headline events on DRF Tournaments. Brian Johnson won an entry to Gulfstream’s Conquer the Crown contest and two players, Michael Pirrung and John Kolodzej, won their way into the National Handicapping Championship.

Contest action returns to DRF Tournaments on Wednesday. Go to tournaments.drf.com for a full run down of opportunities.