03/01/2018 2:56PM

Full dance card on DRF Tournaments


Two last-chance qualifiers highlight the DRF Tournaments action this weekend, both for events next weekend happening on either side of the country.

First up on Saturday is the final opportunity on DRFT to win into The Stronach Group Ultimate Betting Challenge. The Stronach UBC is a $4,500 live-bank event to be held on Sunday, March 11, at both Santa Anita and Gulfstream Park. The prize package for Saturday’s qualifier includes an entry to that event plus $500 in travel. It costs $400 to play and one in every 15 entries will win a prize package.

Many West Coast players will be looking to pull an ambitious double next weekend: playing at Horse Player World Series at the Orleans for a three-day marathon mythical-money contest from March 8-10, then making their way to Santa Anita for the contest on the 11th. Given the popularity of the HPWS, it makes sense that Santa Anita’s contest is Sunday, despite the Big Cap being on Saturday.

For East Coast players and/or those on a smaller bankroll, there will be a final qualifier for the Gotham Challenge on Sunday. The Gotham Challenge is a $500 live-bank contest taking place at Aqueduct on Saturday, March 10. Sunday’s contest costs just $60 and one in 10 entries will win their buy-in.

Keeneland’s Grade 1 Gamble will once again have an important spot on the DRFT calendar, with qualifiers scheduled for each weekend day. Both contests will allow a maximum of 10 entries and cost $350 to play. The winner will receive a Keeneland entry only. They will both be all-in events – all picks must be in before the scheduled post-time of the contests’ first races.

Saturday will also see the return of direct qualification for the 2019 World Championship of Handicapping – DRF’s big-money, no-takeout, online-only contest. For Saturday’s Grade 1, participants put up $580 and one in 10 will advance to the WCH finals. Assuming full participation of 200 entries, the second-ever WCH will have a purse of $1,000,000. The inaugural version held in early February reached a purse of $555,000 and winner’s share of $138,750, both records for an online handicapping contest.

Also this weekend, be on the lookout for new feeders for upcoming contests, including NYRA’s Wood Memorial Day event and Santa Anita’s Preakness contest. The latter will be a special event this year, with all prize money added and a TV pilot being filmed for the new World Horseplayer Tour. You can qualify for the WHT/SA Preakness contest exclusively at DRF Tournaments. Look for more details about the event on DRF next week.

For more information, including a list of all the games available at DRF Tournaments, go to tournaments.drf.com.