04/19/2017 9:54AM

Four trainers denied privileges of Jockey Club's registry and stud book


The Jockey Club has denied the privileges of its registry and stud book to four trainers who have racked up high-profile drug positives over the last several years, the organization announced Wednesday, using a rule it has enforced intermittently since 2010.

The trainers are Roy Sedlacek, Ramon Preciado, Marcus Vitali, and Juan Carlos Vazquez, The Jockey Club said. Sedlacek and Preciado are no longer training after receiving lengthy penalties for drug positives in the past three years. Vitali has not started a horse since last year as he attempts to fend off ejection orders from racetracks, while Vazquez remains active in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic, starting 115 horses this year.

The denial of privileges will prevent the trainers from registering, breeding, and claiming the title to a Thoroughbred who can be used for sanctioned racing and breeding. The denial of privileges does not prevent a trainer from starting horses, however, as long as the trainer has a valid license.

Sedlacek will be denied privileges for 10 years, The Jockey Club said. Preciado and Vitali will be denied privileges for two years, while Vazquez will be denied privileges for one year. All of the denial periods are retroactive to Jan. 1, The Jockey Club said.

Over the past decade, The Jockey Club has become more involved in pressing for harsher penalties for trainers who violate the sport’s medication rules.