07/11/2013 10:55AM

Fort Erie cancels three more Monday cards


The Ontario Racing Commission has approved Fort Erie’s request to cancel three more Monday cards, July 15 through July 29, as a shortage of horses continues to take its toll on the border oval.

“Attempts to fill three cards of racing during the current circumstances could result in horses racing too frequently and increase the risk to the welfare of the equine athletes,” said Rob McKinney, the commission’s acting executive director, in his written reasons for the decision.

Fort Erie opened its scheduled 50-day meeting May 26 with racing to be conducted on Sundays, Tuesdays beginning June 4, and Mondays beginning June 17, but he first four Monday programs were called off.

The Ontario Racing Commission has approved an extension of the meet to include cards on Sept. 29, Sept. 30, and Oct. 1, and Oct. 6-8.

The original ending date for the meeting was Sept. 24.