08/27/2006 11:00PM

Fog to have new exam


Lost in the Fog will be examined Thursday by veterinarians from the University of California-Davis to determine if the three cancerous tumors discovered two weeks ago have shrunk. Lost in the Fog has been treated with the steroid dexamethasone since last week.

Depending on what they find, veterinarians will then set a course of treatment. If there has been no growth or the tumors have shrunk, options include chemotherapy or radiation, said trainer Greg Gilchrist. One of the tumors is located near his abdomen, just below his spine, and is inoperable.

Lost in the Fog is stabled at the Golden Gate barn of Gilchrist. He leaves his stall every day and sometimes is taken to the track to watch other horses. His appetite remains good, Gilchrist said, and he continues to nip at his trainer, a sign that he is in good spirits.