09/07/2008 11:00PM

Five Miyadi horses test positive for steroid


Five of trainer Steve Miyadi's horses exceeded the regulatory limit for the anabolic steroid stanozolol in postrace tests, according to a California Horse Racing Board complaint.

Since all five positives occurred before Sept. 4, when strict penalties for steroid positives were implemented, Miyadi faces only an official warning that goes on a trainer's record. Stewards at Golden Gate Fields will hear the complaints on Sept. 28.

Miyadi said Monday he did not request a split sample confirmation of the positives.

"The first three were not even a nanogram over, but the last two came back as high," said Miyadi.

The racing board has recommended that horses who are trained on the four allowed steroids - stanozolol, boldenone, nandrolone, and testosterone - be withdrawn from the drug 30 days before they race.

Miyadi said that the last memo trainers had received from the board indicated that steroids may remain in a horse's system longer than originally thought.

"I plan to abide by the new rules and hope to be steroid-free from now on," Miyadi said.

The complaints involved My Cee Vee, second in the sixth race Aug. 1 at Santa Rosa; Beau Geni, first in the ninth race on Aug. 6 at the San Mateo County Fair; Tuscan Fever, first in the seventh race Aug. 9 at the San Mateo County Fair; Pull Away, first in the first race Aug. 10 at the San Mateo County Fair; and Run Savio Run, first in the seventh race Aug. 16 at the San Mateo County Fair.

The state racing board gradually phased in enforcement of steroid rules this summer.

Beginning June 1, trainers were given a "notice" if their horses tested in excess of permitted levels, but they faced no sanctions. On Aug. 1, trainers were given a "warning" for steroid violations. Beginning Sept. 4, steroid positives result in a loss of purse and a minimum 30-day suspension and fine of up to $10,000 for the trainer.