06/11/2001 11:00PM

First foal registered by DNA


LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Jockey Club has registered the first foal to have its parentage verified using DNA-typing instead of blood-typing, marking a change in the way Thoroughbreds are registered in North America.

The first horse to be registered by DNA-typing is a bay Eskimo filly out of Home Together (Homebuilder). Bred in Florida by John Franks, the filly was foaled on Jan. 6. In previous years, her registration would have required a sample of her blood to be submitted it to a designated lab before registration by The Jockey Club. But under the new DNA-typing system, which The Jockey Club has been phasing in gradually, horsemen need only provide a clump of mane hair.

Many breeders find the change to DNA typing is much easier than drawing blood from so many foals, who are not always cooperative.