04/23/2013 3:03PM

Final time of Charles Town Classic adjusted

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Game On Dude wins the Charles Town Classic. The final time of the race was adjusted to 1:49.93 on Tuesday.

The official final time of last Saturday night’s $1.5 million Charles Town Classic – won by Game On Dude – has been changed to 1:49.93, which is 2.34 seconds faster than what was originally posted.

The final time, as well as the internal fractions, were changed following inquiries by several parties and a review by Charles Town officials, the track’s board of stewards, and Equibase. The new final time was hand-timed off a replay.

The internal fractions originally recorded as 25.96 seconds for the quarter, 49.37 for the half, 1:13.38 for six furlongs, and 1:38.85 for a mile now will be recorded as 24.12, 47.43, 1:11.32, and 1:37.10.

The final time 1:49.93 is just .07 of a second off the Charles Town Classic stakes record and .17 of a second off the track record for 1 1/8 miles. Both of those records are held by Researcher.

According to a press release issued Tuesday afternoon by Charles Town, the most likely reason for the original timing being incorrect was the inadvertent tripping of one of the timing beams by an outrider’s pony.

“The important thing is that the timing has ultimately been recorded correctly without much of a delay,” said Erich Zimny, Charles Town’s vice president of racing operations. “We obviously would have preferred it to be accurate the first time, but the issue was identified and corrected as soon as it could have been.”

The Beyer Speed Figure of 106 assigned Game On Dude will not be changed as it was made reflecting that the time was approximately two seconds faster than originally posted.

Alex More than 1 year ago
I wrote in to CT about the whole final time deal and the email chain is below. First, I don’t know how many track executives in this game would write a regular fan back, so they get props for that. I expected to be ignored. Second, the explanation satisfied me entirely and makes sense. Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 8:38 AM To: HCCTRContactUs Message: My question is for Eric Zimny. How did the daily racing form get the Beyer for the Charles Town Classic right with the time wrong and not have to adjust it? A lot racing fans think theres something fishy going on here and we'd like an explanation as to what happened. Is this a publicity stunt? Why not just take time off the first quarter since that's what was wrong? Any answers would be helpful. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alexander - I was forwarded your email regarding timing for the Charles Town Classic. First, thank you for writing in. I can assure that there is no publicity stunt with regards to the amended time or anything being done to be below board here. Trust me, putting out a correction for a $1.5 million race isn't something a track looks forward to. That said, I understand it’s not typical for tracks to amend times for big races and how people could have questions about how the whole process works. So, here is a completely transparent accounting of what occurred with respect to the time. Virtually immediately after the race, it was pretty obvious to most people that something was wrong with the time (and specifically the opening 1/4 and 1/2 splits). Jay Privman had made some comments online about the impossibility of the original time being right. Dave Grening, who was there at the track, indicated a similar belief. Most people, including the folks making the Beyers and us knew that the posted time was wrong. We made plans to re-time the race when our folks got back in on Tuesday. We simply wanted to get it right. When the Beyer for the race was published on Sunday, I sent an email to the Dick Jerardi asking if they used our posted time to come up with the figure. I sent it for no other reason to give him a heads up that we were re-timing the race and it would definitely come back faster. He indicated that they knew the original time was wrong and didn’t use. They instead used their own hand timed final time of 1:50.07 for computing the Beyer and that they’d adjust it if our hand timed number came back materially different. In the interim, I must have had 7 to 10 people send in what they had hand timed the race as. They were all pretty consistent. When our clockers got back in, they hand timed the race and fractions, as did Equibase. They did it several times. Every timing was, in loose terms, between 1.85 and 2.5 seconds faster. While we think the bad time is due to an outrider tripping the beam, we can’t be 100% sure and, if it was, it may have been tripped for more than one fraction. The original timing was obviously tainted in some way and we made the call to just scrap it entirely and go strictly with the hand timed version. No weird math. We just decided to entirely throw out a timing that had already proved unreliable. Ultimately, the fractions and final time that our clockers, Equibase and stewards were comfortable with was the one we republished. I’m guessing, as it wasn’t very different than the one the Beyer was based off of, they decided not to adjust it, but you’d have to ask them to be sure. That’s it in a nutshell. Nothing more to it than that. As i said, putting out a correction for the biggest race in our track's history isn't something you ever want to do. We would have much preferred it to be correct from the outset. Again, thank you for taking the time to write in and let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Erich Zimny Vice President of Racing Operations
kwtalk More than 1 year ago
I don't know all that much about these things but knowing Game On Dude, my gut told me that was too slow a time. Not that it makes all that much difference, but it's helpful to be accurate regardless.
offbeatbull More than 1 year ago
If it was tripped at start then the 1st Quarter should reflect the WHOLE 2.34 seconds - representing the time elapsed between the 'trip' and the gates opening - but it only reflects 1.84.
Wayne Haehner More than 1 year ago
who cares?--times are irrelevant and Beyer figures are a joke--and anyone who uses them as a "god like" figure to base their wagers on is a flat out loser Beyere figs are nothing more than a very small data point in the world of data evaluation--and most think the number is relevant--which is sadly incorrect
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
The number for Game On Dude is irrelevant, because we already know what he's capable of. But to establish that range, for each horse, is useful.
Kevin More than 1 year ago
You guys are making a big deal out of NOTHING. From what I've read and understand, the DRF.com guys thought the time was off from the outset, hand timed it themselves, got something close to this # CT subsequently put out and had the 106 Beyer from the start. In fact, Jay Privman sent out tweets right after the race questioning the time, so DRF was on it right away. They even had it in print on Sunday that the final time was in question. Everyone pays attention pretty much knew right away that something was wrong with the timing. It's pretty clear that DRF hand timed it, went with their own number and CT did their own official retiming shortly thereafter that DRF thought was close enough to the # they used so the figure wasn't changed. Are you guys that desperate for a controversy? There's no conspiracy here guys. This happens a lot. They should actually be applauded for changing the time because not all tracks do that when it's necessary.
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
Maybe...just MAYBE... Game on Dudes new cutting edge EPONA plastic shoes helped him run faster and its actually 128... now everyone will be wearing EPONA'S or IMPRINTS!!! Imagine no more aluminum being used cause some cowtown track can't tell time
Tee Jay More than 1 year ago
The pony tripped the timer? Then the pony must have been tripping all the other races on the card which were run in very slow split times. I guess they'll readjust those times as well to fully implement their public relations stunt. If you hang up a million and a half on the big race race and it looks like it was run in quicksand, then the track will be questionable for trainers next year who want to run for the big purse. So the readjusted times for all the other races must be forthcoming or else all horsemen are going to smell the public relations rat all across the country. Also, track maintenance weren't mentioned as to giving some kind of explanation. A bad day for "Bog Town".
Kevin More than 1 year ago
Man you're dumb.
jttf More than 1 year ago
beyer 101 class. why would he change the beyer number ? how did he come up with the number ? there wasnt any other races past 7 furlongs. so how are you going to compare the final time of classic with other races. instead of guessing what an average time would be on this day. beyer looks at the beyer numbers of recent races of the top 3 finishers. since game on dude was having trouble with the track. his number would likely come down from previous races which was around a 112. clubhouse has improved to around a 100 number lately. the greek runs inconsistantly between 95 and 108. so beyer just used common sense and gave it a 105. the track was slower than usual in the 7f races. i do have a problem with beyer not informing the public when he uses pace to adjust his number. he doesnt use pace adjustments very often. please put an asterick by the number when you use pace adjustments.
Meydan Rocks More than 1 year ago
"A powerful horse who will not win the breeder's cup"! Jeff Brown you clairvoyant of a seer you,... will you fill out my exacta forms for me from now on? :-))
James Romano More than 1 year ago
If Beyer and/ or his associates knew the time was almost 2 seconds faster why didn't they mention it to the FORM Sunday Morning isn't he on the payroll selling his figures to them? not to mention his columns he writes for them? or was it kept a secret until Charles Town came foward with the correction?? I'd love to hear an explanation!!
Black More than 1 year ago
It was mentioned ,buttZ... you like most of the commenters don't read the story you just fire out comments