09/16/2012 4:54PM

Fairplex: Eswan Flores suspended 60 days for testing positive for cocaine

Benoit & Associates
Eswan Flores, shown after winning the Evening Jewel at Santa Anita aboard Warren's Amber, has been suspended through Oct. 23.

POMONA, Calif. – Apprentice jockey Eswan Flores was handed a 60-day suspension by California Horse Racing Board stewards at Fairplex Park after testing positive for cocaine metabolites in a test taken Aug. 23 at Del Mar.

Flores will be suspended through Oct. 23 and is not eligible to an extension of his apprentice allowance. Flores basically surrendered the final three weeks of his apprentice allowance that would have expired Sept. 11. Flores has not ridden since Aug. 24.


Flores, 19, was the leading apprentice in Southern California, and has won109 Thoroughbred races from 977 mounts. He began his career riding Quarter Horses at Los Alamitos and switched to Thoroughbreds in summer 2011. Early this year, he finished the Santa Anita winter meet ranked fourth in the standings with 54 wins from 354 mounts (15 percent).


Flores tailed off through spring and summer. He finished seventh in the standings at Betfair Hollywood Park with 24 wins from 229 mounts (10 percent), and this summer at Del Mar won just 8 races from 105 mounts.


According to the CHRB ruling, Flores must sign a testing agreement with the CHRB, and "arrange a consultation with the Winners’ Foundation and abide by their recommendations."


Lounge Lizard More than 1 year ago
Eswan fell into the easiest trap for any rider, at any track, and every circuit. Hopefully he can put this behind him and open his eyes to the fact that there are no quick fixes when it comes to his chosen profession. There is a long history of athletes at every level, including Hall of Famers, that are guilty of the same thing and worse. The kid made a mistake, and everybody knows it. Now it is time for him to reflect on his decisions, and make the proper choices going forward for himself and those around him. Eswan is a talented rider and a great young man. I'm hopeful that he will find his way through this with the help of his friends within the racing community. If he never rides another race again, he can still be a better person from this experience. What doesn't get the best of us, will always make us stronger. Hang in there, Eswan.
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
how do you know he is a great young man?
Bob Wong More than 1 year ago
Sorry to hear of the suspension. Flores is a good rider and should have avoided the juice!
Cover2 More than 1 year ago
The kid was lieing from the start, his atty couldn't do anything here, but take the dinero
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eswan, Portland Meadows is in your horizon. You will come back without your bug meaning no mounts for you in So Cal..... Better look to move your tack...
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
60 days.i would hope they would not let junkies ride racehorses as a matter of safety forget about the fact that its unfair to the betting public,then again they allow horses to run on all kinds of drugs.how reliable is a junkie horse? anser..more reliable than a junkie horse ridden by a junkie jockey.
John Flynn More than 1 year ago
Didn't this Kid take a Lie Detector? He will have to go elsewhere - The Bug will be gone when he returns. My Prayers are with him. Tyler Baze was also very talented. A Jockey's Life appears to be "No Bed Of Roses"!!!
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
it is if they dont abuse drugs and booze,,,they make plenty of money
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
lie detector tests mean nothing and can be fooled and courts dont accept them.,..if his nose grows suddenly,,then he lied
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anyone know if Tyler Baze, ever went to rehab? There was a story months ago that he was being begged to go, and have not heard anything about him...
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
yes he did,,he went to the REHAB BAR AND LOUNGE in florida
Tiny Montgomery More than 1 year ago
Just goes to show ya, if you want the real dope on something, go to the real dope ....Todd Elliot
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
what does ya mean,,since your the mr typo god
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
tiny brain is fixated on me,,,sorry, but i only bend over for pennies,,anyone called tiny is usually 400 lbs
Jack More than 1 year ago
No EXCUSE for DRUG users, a WEAK part of OUR society ON and OFF the Track. Unless a Jock t has NO weight Problem, Their REAL Life is a Day to Day STRUGGLE. They want the Jockey to be a LIGHT as can be, ONLY to ADD weigth to their SADDLES..If ALL Horse's carried a SET weight of 125lbs, That would ALLOW TOO many New Riders to surface, and the LOCAL Jocks don't want this at all. It's NOT pretty...
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
this tiny brain, aka montgomery just calls everyone names,, Im surprised the moderator puts up with this tiny brain
Jack More than 1 year ago
Thanks Todd, your Right. Tiny is JUST one FRUSTRATED Loser, that doesn't UNDERSTAND this game.....
Frank More than 1 year ago
So the now the Horses and Jocks are drugged up? So whats next, they going to be selling coke in the grandstands to betting fans too? That will even the playing field --
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
have to agree with you,theres no respect for anything anymore.just excuses how do you trust a junkie to ride a racehorse?,OR A JUNKIE HORSE TO BE CONSISTENT.but they put up with these situations and we all pay the price.
Rocky More than 1 year ago
They Do sell coke in the grandstands. Where' you been?
Gerard Doise More than 1 year ago
Eswan has a weight problem, that is why his number of mounts and wins tailed off. He probably turned to a substance that has cocaine in it. He may not know this from his words and reactions. He is being given the opportunity to clean up his act, go to counseling and come back. He probably has a short career ahead anyway since he has a weight problem. Eswan's weight problem is a rumor I have heard from friends in the industry and they also state he doesn't have a very good work ethic and that is another reason his mounts had dropped off. Suspension or not, his riding career was on the way out it seems.
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
No,,his problem is drugs,,period,,,making excuses for using drugs to lose weight is absurd to say the least.. I ran track many years and kept in shape working out and good diet..same thing he can do...Also, now that he has lost his bug, he is finished for he wont have the weight allowance trainers look for in an apprentice and the riding colony here is far too good to give this kid mounts anymore.
Gerard Doise More than 1 year ago
im not making excuses. He is a drug user to loose weight. He is taking the same path as P Val, Go Go and many others. Its wrong and he should not get more than a second chance. I too feel he should get a year or more. His career is probably about over anyway. Keving Krigger is a good example of someone getting off the drugs and working his way back. Otherwise I. Agree with your statements.
John Dutchy More than 1 year ago
You are right, it is inexcusable. But cutting weight for extensive periods of time is one of the most miserable experiences that I have had as I wrestled in high school an college. It breaks you down, however with that said I didn't ever use diet pills or chewing tobacco when dealing with it. But that was only a few years of my life, not 20 which many jocks pull... For all their scrutiny, their mental toughness amazes me.