09/16/2011 2:02PM

Fairplex: Afflerbaugh Stakes official before jockey's objection heard


Fairplex Park officials have taken steps to prevent a miscommunication incident such as the one Wednesday following the $50,000 C.B. Afflerbaugh Stakes. The jockey on third-place Inquisitive Son, Edwin Maldonado, claimed foul against winner Runstevierun for an incident at the top of the stretch. Initially, it was believed Maldonado did not claim foul.

Maldonado laid the objection claim with “quick official” Bob Vella while galloping out. Vella subsequently radioed stewards Kim Sawyer, Vic Stauffer, and Tom Ward to notify them of the objection. However, stewards did not receive the transmission.

After dismounting, Maldonado picked up the phone to speak with stewards. Simultaneous to him picking up the phone, stewards declared the result official without speaking with Maldonado.

While the miscommunication was embarrassing, ultimately it was irrelevant. Stewards already had reviewed the incident at the top of the lane and determined there was not sufficient reason for a disqualification.

“It does not change the outcome of our decision,” Sawyer said. “What we are going to do is ask for a second radio.”

Jose Valdivia rode winner Runstevierun, who drifted inward from a right-handed whip at the head lane which caused Inquisitive Son to briefly steady.

Valdivia met with stewards Friday. He did not receive a suspension.

Favorites dominate pick six

After two days of longshot winners created a double-carryover in the pick six, favorites won four races Thursday and 96 tickets selected all six winners in the pick six, which returned $3,993.40. Horseplayers wagered $457,571 in the Thursday pick six, chasing a carryover of $143,230. The winners consisted of four favorites, a third choice, and one longshot – race-9 winner Magicallytown ($32.60).

In the $1 win pick nine, two tickets picked all nine winners and were rewarded with a $7,449.90 payoff.