07/31/2013 11:57AM

Fairmount jockey suspended 60 days for lack of effort


The stewards’ investigation into the July 23 race at Fairmount Park in which 70-year-old jockey R.A. “Cowboy” Jones rode the runner-up found no conspiracy among jockeys or trainers, although jockey John Lejeune has been suspended 60 days for an apparent lack of effort when finishing third in the subject race.

State steward Jim Lages said Wednesday from the southern Illinois track that Lejeune, who rode Magnificent Mandy, will be the only person penalized for his role in a race won by 1 3/4 lengths by Ola D., ridden by Uriel Lopez. A formal ruling was issued Wednesday with approval from the Illinois Racing Board.

Jones rode the even-money favorite, My Kentucky Breeze, while Lopez won without urging his mount whatsoever. Jones was attempting to become the first jockey in American racing history known to win races in seven different decades.

Lages said Lopez was questioned at length about the matter and was absolved of wrongdoing.

Patsy Patterson More than 1 year ago
Not all Jocky's are cheeters. Cowboy Jones rode his horse,
ChrisinStl More than 1 year ago
horrible that he only got 60, he should of had the rest of 2013. he had a ton of horse, but would not let him run. these jockeys get away with murder at the publics expense. if lopez had not won, i bet he would of received 120 or more. he was lucky he had too much horse, he tried pushing him wide to lose the race
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
what a joke
Walter More than 1 year ago
I watched the replay a few times and I don't know how they could give Lejeune 60days? Many races at Fairmount look like that! I do think they were trying to give the Cowboy a win, he just couldn't get there. If that's a fixed race, then stewards should review races at Parx, CharlesTown, and some others. They will see many.
Ryan Cale More than 1 year ago
yes. they would see many. at every track. if they were actually looking. that's one of the reasons people are choosing slot machines. more integrity and better odds against the house. i don't think it used to be the public against the jockeys. at least i didn't realize it if it was.
Ryan Cale More than 1 year ago
it isn't taking long for everyone in the country to learn not to bet on horse racing. most jockeys belong in jail. the people paying them to fix races are still stealing what they can from the betting public but i would imagine there is less and less to steal every day. most of the big money handicappers that aren't criminals have started betting in other countries where there is at least an attempt to keep the jockeys and trainers honest. i don't guess there is even such a thing as a new horseplayer in the U.S. anymore. 2-3 days of watching jockeys make a mockery of the supposed competition would prevent almost anyone from becoming a fan. and on an international level our corrupt racing is an embarrassment.
Dave More than 1 year ago
What a joke. Sadly people lost $ on this race.
Russell More than 1 year ago
And other people made money.
BabyGirl More than 1 year ago
It's called gambling!!! Horse win at 99/1 odds all the time! These were favorites in the race! So every horse that you bet on that doesn't win is a fixed race?
Jim Fields More than 1 year ago
if they suspend one rider, they should have suspended every rider in the race, but jones, because they all had to be complacent in riding their respective horses'
Russell More than 1 year ago
Uh, no. There was a 6 second gap between 3rd and 4th place. Those last three horses had no impact on the outcome. I don't know how you can think they "had to be complacent."
Mike Bilinskas More than 1 year ago
I wish they would do this more often, you could find 4 -5 rides a day at each track at least where if the jock doesn't think he can win he makes no effort to be 2nd or 3rd...
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Mike, that's racing. "If he can't get there don't beat him up.' That's been instructions like forever. What do you tell your Rider?
Hash Man More than 1 year ago
i watched this race in question,and i found absolutely nothing wrong with the out come. Lopez had the best horse and rode him that way,Lejeune horse was lugging in the stretch he hit him a couple of times late ,still didn't gain anything,bad call on suspension
Dave More than 1 year ago
Are you drunk? Lopez wasn't riding the horse.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do you have any credentials that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that you know how to watch a horse race?
Hash Man More than 1 year ago
yes to the best of my knowledge this is fairmount park were running 6 furlongs in 116 is normal, not saratoga in 110,watch 2 race replays of sidney's horse and tell me he didn't run the same way.
BabyGirl More than 1 year ago
Do you know anything about horse raving? You can't beat a dead horse. How would ASPCA like to hear about this. Mr lejeune, your suspended because you Disney beat the horse when the horse is worn out?? Also, if you look at the replay, he was hand-riding!
Matthew Ellis More than 1 year ago
Its about time somebody made this ruling its happens more often then you thing the new version of the STIFF is finding trouble whatever that might be Breaking poorly intentionally or getting behind a wall of horses Dueling for no reason or leaving a horse alone SORRY ITS Done