01/30/2012 5:22PM

"Eye" on Yonkers for January 23 - 28


Monday, January 23

KITTYS PRO GIRL (NW4FM) - Left hard and had plenty of room to drop in but broke, recovered in last, rushed up to the half, gained nicely into the pocket by three quarters and understandably tired.

SAPPHIRE CITY (NW8) - Fired to the front, released the 1/9 favorite, stalked from the pocket and finished a very willing runner-up.

Tuesday, January 24

HASTE ($12,500 Clm) - Mike Forte trainee was pretty good in his 2012 debut. Could a long-awaited win be around the corner?

ITSJUSTABEGINNING ($12,500 Clm) - Set up second over with poor cover as the leader got away, cirlced wide final turn with seemingly too far to come but he charged home for the dead-heat.

YES HANOVER (NW5000) - I still don't know why Bartlett was driving, but he seemed to wake the veteran up.

Thursday, January 26

BRITASH REDCOAT ($10,000 Clm FM) - Uncovered from sixth into the well-rated favorite, held well for a share.

MARIE THE ARTIST (NW5000FM) - Left for a tuck, sat jammed in to the lane, shook free and finished with pace.

Friday, January 27

ALASTAIR HANOVER ($20,000 Clm) - I thought this was a good claim for 10K, and the public perception was that he was going to improve, but that effort was simply ridiculous.

Saturday, January 28

ROCK TO GLORY (Preferred) – Four-year-old was forced to come first over, hooked and cooked a classy rival turning home and edged clear safely in a sizzling final time.