02/01/2012 4:58PM

"Eye" on Woodbine for January 26 - 30


Thursday, January 26

WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN (CLM10000) Rallied strongest of all from 4th over chasing the favorite through the lane. Should be able to find a winning trip in near future.

SWEATER VEST (CLM10000) Launched a strong late bid 3rd over and earns a look in next race or two.

STORMONT TRENTON (NW2) Sat in to the stretch, angled out, set down and revved it up but the winner had gotten away from him.

EMERALD RIHANNA (NW2FM) Went down the road as far as she could, proved no match to the flying favorite but dug in gamely to ward off the rest.

Friday, January 27

DAILY BLOG (NW2) Tucked early, got shuffled a bit, angled out in the lane, tipped for clearance and closed willingly but had lost any chance.

CHARLIE LERU (CLM20000) Left, yielded and was shuffled. Rallied gamely between horses through the lane but had too much to do.

KEEPERS DESTINY (PRF/FM) Sat the winner's pocket, rallied gamely but was second best. Do not ignore in next.

ALLTHEWAY ABRA (CLMHCP20/25000) Trailed until the lane, rallied gamely between horses picking off a few rivals and could be a surprise with a better trip.

ARDOR LOCKE (NW13000FM) Even though the top two were in long, vicious battle, you cannot ignore a horse rallying strongly from 6th over picking up all the rest.

Saturday, January 28

MACHAL JACKSON (NW4) Absolutely crushed the field and blew up the variant in last front step win. Surely, he can step up and add another win.

OVER AND OUT (NW3) Left from the 10-hole, got parked, pressed the leader all the way to the lane, faltered a bit but dug in gamely to earn a well deserved payday for the show.

FAUCON STENA (NW8000) Closed fast in last to nail the speed. It wasn't even close once the veteran got serious. Can take another if in the mood.

KEYSTONE SWAGGER (NW6000) Set a good clip on open lead but tired and proved second best in last. May not be 16-1 but should be along in time soon.

Monday, January 30

FULL CIRCLE KING (NW2) Went down the road, dug in bravely over the snowy oval, pulled away from all but the tripped out pocket horse and was nailed in the final steps. When speed rules, so will he.

ELITE (CLMHCP12/15000) Set a steady clip in the snow, opened up by over three near the wire but faltered. Should be able to hold his speed over a more favorable track.

GIDDY UP CAM (NW1) Left to the top, yielded, sat pocket, held well versus the rest as the favored winner proved best. Can get it done facing most this level.

AVANZA (NW2) Sat buried to the stretch, tipped, searched, found clearance late and closed well but it was a bit late. Will be tougher in next.