02/03/2012 1:15PM

"Eye" on Monticello for January 30 - February 2


2012 STATS  4-15 / $19.70

Monday, January 30

BROADWAY LINE (NW7) - No chance in last. Back in on Monday and a better post and driver change won't hurt.

WESTWOOD CASTLETON (NW300ps) - Has to be on the list again. Came a hundred first over, couldn't clear and
made a break.

Wednesday, February 1

EYESBOLD ($4,000clm) - Dropped in class,d rew the eight and went through the motions. Keep an eye out for him
in the future starts.

Thursday, February 2

PRAIRIE TREASURE (NW5) - Given a less than stellar drive eventually making a break.

WISDOM WAY ($5,000clm) - Shipped in with some nondiscript lines but raced well in a two move try.

DIGITAL PHOTO ($4,000clm) - Badly bothered at the half but finished with good late trot.