01/27/2012 5:29PM

"Eye" on Monticello for January 23-25


2012 Stats:  3-8  $16.00 

Monday, January 23

GREYSTONE MATT ($5,000clm) - Was looming large when he went offstride basically going down to his knees and somehow re-rallied in a huge effort.

Tuesday, January 24

RARE DISPLAY ($7,500clm) - Track was miserable all week. Horses made breaks or unfortunately broke down. Was on the move when he and a rival locked wheels (bad track related) stopping his momentum basically losing all chance.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES ($7,500clm) - Skimmed the cones and closed with plenty of run for second.

Wednesday, January 25

CHASE THE SUN ($4,000clm) - With Pocono being closed many horses have shipped in to Monti with limited to no success. This guy has been one of the exceptions rolling late just running out of racetrack.

MANDINGA (NW400ps) - Go back and watch the replay of this race; hard to believe he won.

GAS IT CAM IT (NW2) - First start at Monti a winning one from the eight hole. Enters a top barn and should have no problems coming right back.