01/20/2012 2:48PM

"Eye" on Monticello for January 17-19


Tuesday, January 17

C U NEXT TUESDAY (NW250ps) - Was pinned along the cones most of the mile while trapped in but finished with pace.

L M XKR (NW300ps) - Nice re-rally after showing speed and getting shuffled out.


Wednesday, January 18

BULL RUSH (NW200ps) - Added lasix two back and raced well. Drew the eight-hole in his following start  and never got into the race.

WORKING ON A DREAM (NW2) - Was all over the racetrack making multiple breaks but had pace when flat.

JADESTONE ($4,000clm) - Flattened out after a wide bid from a no chance spot.


Thursday, January 19

WESTWOOD CASTLETON ($5,000clm) - Trotter broke, caught the pack and understandable tired. The chart says he was eleven-plus lengths behind early. That's accurate, but he made up twenty lengths just to get to that point.

BJ DOODLES (NW2) - Broke a lot of hearts breaking at the start apon arrival from Northfield. If he minds his manners he's someone to keep an eye on.