02/17/2012 1:07PM

"Eye" on Monticello for February 13 - February 16


2012 STATS  6 - 22 / $32.70

Monday, February 13

JIM JAM GIGOLETT ($7,500clm) - If you watched the race she had to win. Not sure what happened she simply might have just hung on the money.

Tuesday, February 14

PRESTISSIMO ($20,000clm) - Very willing after missing four months and dropped into a $20k claimer out of some good $30k-$40k claiming lines.

MR EXPRESS ($5,000clm) - Elected to sit in and got shuffled out.

Wednesday, February 15

MARTODDI ($10,000clm) - Glued to the cones at 6/5 in a very unusual non-aggressive drive by Larry Stalbaum.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES (NW200ps) -Blowout win at the bottom condition. He'll start working his way back up the ladder.

Thursday, February 16

STREETCAR ($4,000clm) - Blasted to the lead, yielded and just missed in solid eight hole try.