02/07/2012 4:36PM

"Eye" on Meadowlands for February 2-4


Thursday, February 2

KEYSTONE ACTIVATOR (NW6000) – Proved a very easy winner and gets a free ride in the same class next week.

BUTN YOUR SHIRT ED (NW4000) – Set up behind poor cover while third-up and finished well to be a much improved second. He could be rounding into form now.

SOCIAL NETWORK (JR TRENDSETTER) – Could not have won an easier.

DUNGEON DRAGON (JR TRENDSETTER) – Was handled conservatively handled and got trapped along the cones. He shook free late with pace but had no chance. He’ll likely need a win to make the final, so expect a big one next time.

Friday, February 3

HEIDI FALLS (NW8000) – Waited along the cones, found room in the stretch and finished up willingly.

ROYAL CEE CEE N (CAPE & CUTTER) – Was trapped along the cones behind a gapper. Had to wait for some stretch traffic to clear up and finished nicely behind a strong winner.

Saturday, February 4

JOLTIN COLT (NW16000) – Was behind some dull cover and finished with good energy from too far back.

STRAND HANOVER (NW10000) – Took an early seat and was forced first-over. HE gained nicely and just missed in a tight photo.


(Horses which previously appeared but have yet to race)

Thursday, January 26

BETWEENTWOPILLOWS (NW 2) – Put in a nice education mile and finished up with good trot when shown racetrack at the end of the mile.

Friday, January 27

NOTORIUS BLUESTONE (NW10000) – Was stuck behind a tiring horse, found room in the lane and finished very fast.

LUCK GOES AROUND (7500CLM) – Was stuck wide with a half-mile to race behind dull cover, continued four deep for almost the entire final turn and passed tired one in the lane after racing further than just about any of the competitors signed on.

Friday, January 20

THE LIFE BOAT (15000CLM) – Challenged first-over and dug in gamely right through the wire.