08/17/2013 8:25AM

Evangeline: Jockey Patin arrested after altercation following DQ


OPELOUSAS, La. - Jockey Joe Patin Jr. was taken off the Evangeline Downs grounds in handcuffs Friday night after an altercation with fellow rider Diego Saenz following the evening’s seventh race. Patin was disqualified from first to fourth in the race while on board El Woodrow after the Evangeline board of stewards ruled that he impeded Saenz when angling out in the stretch. Saenz’s mount, 6-5 favorite Salty Lydgate, clipped heels and stumbled as a result and eventually crossed the wire in fourth.

"Patin confronted Saenz just outside the jockeys quarters after the race," said Louisiana state steward Brook Hawkins. "He was handcuffed by the State Police and taken into custody."

Saenz took off the remainder of his mounts after the incident, reportedly suffering a contusion to his right eye and bruising on his right cheek. The two-time defending riding champ is once again atop the jockey standings while Patin is currently ranked third.

kram hslew More than 1 year ago
I guess he's in jail, patin pending?
Gaye Goodwin More than 1 year ago
The whole Patin family is a train wreck. And it was Billy Patin who used the buzzer.
Rob More than 1 year ago
Listen, i think Joe has some real issues here and his riding lately for anyone who follows Evangeline has been EXTREMELY dangerous and careless. But please explain to me where all this race fixing in Louisiana is coming from. the pots have never been higher and they are fixing races???? Come on now.
Ryan Cale More than 1 year ago
i assume you are kidding. any handicapper that watches a night of races there knows how bad it is. they don't even try to disguise it very much. and Joe is the very worst and most obvious. they give him the 3/5 horses that need to lose because he seems to have no shame. you can make money betting against those horses but it's no fun if you really love horse racing. i can't even watch anymore.
John Flynn More than 1 year ago
This Guy used a Buzzer on Valhol in the Arkansas Derby!!! He is the "A Rod" of racing. But he is also very DESPERATE!!! WHAT NEXT?
Frankie Vicknair More than 1 year ago
I think yall got the wrong guy with the buzzer
Dennis Rodriguez More than 1 year ago
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Is'nt this the "buzzer" jock from the Graded Stakes win at either FG or Bosier city a few years ago? Bad news for the sport.
Ryan Cale More than 1 year ago
no. that was billy patin. also still riding at evangeline.
Dennis Rodriguez More than 1 year ago
smitty More than 1 year ago
ya he also did 5 years for it.!!!!!
smitty More than 1 year ago
he paid his dues
Mike B More than 1 year ago
Ils sont partis! Cajun for, "The fix is on!"
Peter Northcott More than 1 year ago
Racing is fixed in La. ? When they took Patin down and moved the second place finisher up, guess who the trainer is? Kearney Segura! Isn't this criminal a peach. If you recall he got ruled off 5 years ago for 2-3 years for running the wrong horse in a race who was even money and run way back! He ran a 3 year old filly against the boys and claimed it to be a gelding. Go back and check that story out.
Ryan Cale More than 1 year ago
he fits right in down there. louisiana racing really should be separated from everyone else and called by another name. i realize that racing is fixed at every track but louisiana tracks really take it to an especially high level. have you watched louisiana downs this year? it can be jaw dropping at times.
Joanna Smurthwaite More than 1 year ago
....Sore loser, what a way to ruin your reputation and career
Ryan Cale More than 1 year ago
i think this fits right in with his reputation. i think he has only been allowed to ride for 2-3 of the last 14 years because of lengthy suspensions for arrests and drug test violations. i think he makes more money fixing races and losing on favorites than he does winning. but then, he is making up for many years lost income due to crack usage. you have to love louisana racing....where even the stewards and commissioners belong behind bars.
Ryan Cale More than 1 year ago
i wouldn't think this is news. surely no one bets on evangeline anymore. i think it used to be for horse races but now it seems to be nightly performances by the jockeys. i'm pretty sure at least a few of them know who is going to win all the races well in advance it looked like the jockey on the lead and not Saenz was the one who forgot to follow the script and give Patin a bigger hole on the rail. and i'm pretty sure Joe is well acquainted with the local jail so i doubt he was too upset about it.
smitty More than 1 year ago
Hey Amber you have no class bringing K.C. into this R.I.P. K.C.