04/25/2002 11:00PM

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Woodbine Racecourse in suburban Toronto has joined the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, the NTRA announced on Thursday. Woodbine had previously declined to join the association because it contended the group's programs were focused on the United States . . . The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture issued an advisory Friday to farm managers regarding movement of Eastern tent caterpillars, which are regarded as a risk factor for mare reproductive loss syndrome. The advisory, which noted that the caterpillars are emerging now from their tent-like nests, recommends that managers prune the nests out of trees between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when caterpillars are in them, then bag and destroy the nests; brush caterpillars from walls and fence rows into buckets of soapy water; and take measures to prevent exposure of pregnant mares to the caterpillars.