07/30/2012 3:30PM

England: Frankel faces only three in Sussex Stakes at Goodwood

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Frankel has won his two races this year by a combined 16 lengths.

It was in the 2011 Sussex Stakes that Frankel was supposed to face his greatest challenge. Frankel was 3 then, and the older horse Canford Cliffs was in royal form, having just comfortably beaten Goldikova. But that showdown turned into a letdown, as Frankel dashed away from Canford Cliffs like a deer racing a woodchuck, winning by five lengths and sending Canford Cliffs into retirement.

A similar result will be widely anticipated Wednesday at Goodwood in the 2012 Sussex, where Frankel will be overwhelmingly favored to defeat just three foes.

Besides Frankel, the Group 1 Sussex, a mile around one bend, includes Bullet Train, who is Frankel’s brother, stablemate, and pacesetter; Farhh, a solid performer who is rated close to 20 pounds below Frankel by international handicappers; and Gabrial, who never has won a race of any real import.

Frankel has won all 11 of his starts, winning his two races this year at age 4 by 16 lengths combined, and he will have little to gain and everything to lose in the Sussex, where a victory has become all but a foregone conclusion.

Since an injury scare during his comeback preparations this spring, Frankel has done nothing to suggest he doesn’t deserve his ranking as the world’s best horse. After beating Excelebration by five lengths in the J.T. Lockinge Stakes, his first start of the season, Frankel handed that same rival an 11-length defeat in the June 19 Queen Anne at Royal Ascot.

“Everything has gone as we could have wished with Frankel since the Queen Anne Stakes,” trainer Henry Cecil said on his website. “We gave him an easy time immediately after Royal Ascot before bringing him back into fast work.”

Cecil, who has fought cancer in the past, said he wouldn’t attend Wednesday’s race because he has been “undergoing some treatment.” Cecil said he is well enough to train his horses but is “not quite racing fit.”

Godolphin’s Farhh will be turning back to one mile after finishing second to Nathaniel and third behind So You Think in longer Group 1 races his last two starts. Farhh is 3 for 3 at one mile and shorter while never facing anything close to the likes of Frankel in those wins.

Black Caviar’s return uncertain

Black Caviar won’t race during the spring season – the fall in the Northern Hemisphere – in Australia, trainer Peter Moody has announced, and a decision on whether the undefeated mare will be retired or start again in the fall won’t be reached for a couple months.

Black Caviar, a winner in all 22 of her starts, has recovered from the muscle injuries she sustained while narrowly winning the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot, Moody said, but could not properly be readied to race again in coming months, and will also bypass what had been considered a possible start in Hong Kong this December.

Ben van den Brink More than 1 year ago
The owners raced Dancing Brave some two decades ago and got some experience. Why racing against stock that is fuelled, by race enhacers like lasix???
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
To quote a fine DRF analyst/columnist 'not much Frankel excitement today'. Let me ask, would it be more credible without the rabbit?
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
I find it a bit funny that on race day for him that I had to dig Frankels' story out of the back pages... Luck and safe trip to all.
Frank More than 1 year ago
4 horse field -- sounds like CA racing!
russell More than 1 year ago
Two quick points. Fair or unfair Frankel will never be viewed as a "legend" (ie Spectacular Bid, Affirmed, and Seattle Slew) in North America until he races here in the US. The owners are being foolish. If he were to win a BC race he would probably bring the largest stud fee ever. Running in 3 horse fields is only keeping him fit. Black Caviar- Since the purses in Asia and Australia are so large it makes sense to keep a mare racing. Shes probably worth $2-3 million as a broodmare but she can easily win over $1 million by racing another year.
Daniel DiPrinzio More than 1 year ago
has he ever raced in a two-turn race in a large field? many grass races are won and lost on the turns when there are large fields. I don't know the answer to this question, not having seen all of his races, just curious.
Perl More than 1 year ago
Wow, Frankel's connections are really going for it with this colt.
sat.customer More than 1 year ago
Comparing Silver Max and Summer front to Frankel is BY FAR the stupidest post iIhave ever read on here. And there have been some real stupid ones.As for Acclamation,at least that is debatable,but since we'll never see it,just speculation. But seeing the EASY dominance of Euro turfers vs. U.S counterparts....
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Euro... What you really mean is English. That's the rub isn't it... The limeys can't stand finishing second. So consider this... Why did not Timeform name Black Caviar at least alongside Frankel. She's won twice as many as the other one and has won at the mile, which is all Frankel has done to date. He's a miler and that does NOT make for the best in history. For me to challenge an opinion is no more stupid than to put a stupid opinion out there. Timeform is selling papers, that's all.
Bwell More than 1 year ago
What mile race has Black Caviar won? WHICH ONE!
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Easy Bub, don't get your knickers in a twist... These old eyes transposed a post position for a distance... I apologize and stand corrected.
Bsb Jaws More than 1 year ago
Wait a minute people. There is another turf horse that nobody wants to run against and his name is Acclamation . He can go 10 f in sub 2:00 & 12 f in sub 2:25 & he ain't as easy to pass as Bullet Train is by any means. :-) As far as being the Best Miler Ever goes , Horses like Swaps & Dr. Fager might not agree with that. Spectacular Bid was 24 for 24 between 7f & 10 F almost all of them in graded stakes. He REALLY did have a race by himself. Those guys really did set world records. Not speculated records with calculated adjustments made for tilt of ground. Horses can only run so fast and thats it. That 31 change last 3/8ths was speculation.They admitted that. Lets see him go 31 change last 3/8ths on flat firm ground around 2 turns even going a mile. He isn't going to beat Acclamation going 10-12f if he can't pick his feet up at the beginning a hell of a lot more than he does so far. His early fractions would be so far behind Acclamation that it wouldn't matter if he could run the last part in 31 change. Which he couldn't do especially around 3 bends ! Acclamation is a rabbit that don't stop !!! He runs racehorse times and he comes home in 24 or less like clockwork. Frankels rabbit ain't gettin' anywhere near Acclamation and even if he could Acclamation would dust him off just like he dusted the Dude or use him for his own rabbit. Frankel is good buttZ... until he beats Acclamation he's 2nd best. Now,for whoever was mentioning Silver Max & Summer Front lets not get premature. Those guys just ain't ready for the likes of Frankel yet, if ever. Siver Max is a good horse buttZ.. he doesn't deserve to be included in Frankel's league until he does a hell of a lot more than he's done so far.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Jaws, Those are two that I'd offer to challenge the overtly pompous claim that Frankel is the best on four legs ever. And sure, load Acclamation in the gate also. Great horses from the past can't be produced and I am one who refuses to judge one generation against another. I saw both Secretariat and Seattle Slew and I can't separate them. They each were the best of their day and that is good enough for me. To this very point in time Frankel is a miler, Englands' best miler but this Timeform bunch said he's the best since the time of the Foundation Sires. This can't be decided in a pressbox or at tea. Until it happens on the Racecourse it just ain't so. Haaaaarrrumph!
Bwell More than 1 year ago
If Acclamation is so damn good! Send 'um to the Arc de Triomphe. Oh I forgot, American planes don't fly to Europe! If he ran and won the Arc his stud value would go through the roof! Of course. the last time he traveled he got CRUSHED at Monmouth Park in the U.N.
Bsb Jaws More than 1 year ago
The Arc is for plodders. The 8 , Arc winners that came to the BC have won a grand total of Zero races. That's right big mouth . Zero! They've been beaten favorites in most of those. Hehehe. Timeform said they were best in the world too. Hehehe You don't know your stronach from a hole in the ground. No horses stud fee is going through the roof in this market no matter what races they win. Acclamation's sire is a top sire and he stands at Acclamation's home. You don't know anything about breeding . Why would a breeder want to gamble on Frankel when they can have his Daddy that has already sired a Frankel ,something Frankel might never do. You are a clueless Boca Grande and you show it each time you post. Face it ! You only show your ignorance with each and every post.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Bwell... You should not need to hear this from me but The Arc stands alone. You do not just ship and win it, you train a lifetime for it.
Heidi Kruckenberg More than 1 year ago
Well, it seems that Frankel has sooo out classed his rivals that, they won't dare get into the gate with him. He is one fabulous colt. Like many of the commenters on here, I would love to see what he really has. Meaning, how far can he carry that high cruising speed and turn of foot. I do recall, somewhere, bloodhorse or something that Cecil said that he is going to stretch him out sometime this year. Man, I would love to see that! As far as Nelly, whatever they choose to do with her, it will be for her best interest. However, it is was up to me, I would retire her. She's got nothing else to prove.