12/28/2012 6:11PM

Eclipse Awards: Goldberg, Simon, Keyser win writing, photography honors

Tom Keyser
This photograph of jockey Rajiv Maragh being nearly unseated at the start of the Brooklyn Handicap won the Eclipse Award for Photography.

Ryan Goldberg, a freelance writer, was named the 2012 recipient for the Eclipse Award for Writing in the Feature/Commentary category for an article on Eibar and Keiber Coa that appeared in the Daily Racing Form in July, the organizers of the Eclipse Awards announced Friday, the same day that two other media winners were announced.

In addition to Goldberg, Mary Simon, the contributing editor for the defunct Thoroughbred Times, was awarded the Eclipse Award for Writing in the News/Enterprise category for an article on the history of bleeding in horses. Tom Keyser, a former Baltimore Sun reporter who won Eclipses for Newspaper Writing in 1996 and 1998 and an Eclipse for Magazine Writing in 1999, was awarded the Eclipse Award for Photography for a picture published on the Daily Racing Form ’s website July 12 of Rajiv Maragh being nearly unseated at the start of the Brooklyn Handicap at Belmont Park.

[2012 Eclipse Award for writing, feature/commentary: read the article]

Goldberg’s article detailed the relationship between Eibar Coa and his son, Keiber, who began riding professionally just months after his father suffered a serious riding injury. Goldberg’s piece captured the mixed emotions of Eibar Coa as he has watched his son prosper as a rider.

“I intended to write this story about Keiber’s recent success,” Goldberg said. “But Eibar was extremely revealing about the spill and spoke of how much he wanted Keiber to grow on his own terms, that the piece became more balanced between the two of them.”

[2012 Eclipse Award for writing, news/enterprise: read the article]

Simon was selected for the second time for an Eclipse Award for Writing. She had previously been selected for an Eclipse in 2000, also for a story in the Thoroughbred Times, which declared bankruptcy earlier this year. Mary’s husband, Mark, was the editor of the Times for 27 years.

“This is Mark’s award, too,” she said Friday. “He was the Times.”

In being selected for the Photography award, Keyser became the first person to win both a writing and a photography Eclipse. His partner, Barbara Livingston, the chief photographer for DRF , was given an honorable mention Friday in the Feature/Commentary category for Eclipse Writing for a story appearing in the May 26 DRF about trainer Danny Perlsweig and a horse he trained, former juvenile champion Lord Avie.

Livingston also received an honorable mention in the Photography category.

“I’m sort of dumbfounded,” Keyser said. “I certainly never aspired to be a photographer, and if I wasn’t helping Barbara, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Lupe Velez More than 1 year ago
Job well done Tom! Not only good with a pen, but a damn fine pitchertaker too
hialeah More than 1 year ago
Goldberg, Simon, and Keyser, Pretty good company. Sorry about Lord Avie, don't it always seem to go...
dispute98 More than 1 year ago
Tom Keyser has had numerous photos posted throughout the Racing Form since he started photographing racehorses with Barbara Livingston. His work should not be a surprise to anyone reading the Form. Barbara has even posted his work on her own blog. I think his statements towards Barbara were well written and came from the heart. He knows no one can compare their work to Barbara's. He wasn't trying to, either. Tom's job that day was to cover the start of that race. That is what he did! Well done, I might add. Congrats, Tom, I know how hard you both work at your jobs. I loved Barb's photo of Lord Avie, as well. If it wasn't for her perseverance, we the fans, would never be able to see these old time warriors of the past.
laura ban More than 1 year ago
I take nothing away from Tom, his photo was great and as I said, I'm happy for him. What rubbed me the wrong way had nothing to do with his win but that Barbara got the honorable mention. Something about that phrase didn't set well with me. I don't know exactly why but it feels wrong. If it had been my call, both would have won.
Barbara Livingston More than 1 year ago
I hate the term "honorable mention," too...always have...it just smacks of, "You're the loser!" Hahahahahaha.....but I know it's not meant that way! :-) Laura, you're great...and of course, dispute98, you're great, too!!!
NikitaW More than 1 year ago
Barbara and Tom are two of the nicest people on the planet! I'm pretty sure Barbara is extremely happy and proud of Tom, she has such a generous spirit! Congrat's to both of them!
Barbara Livingston More than 1 year ago
Thanks, NikitaW!!! I sure appreciate the kind words! And I at least agree that Tom's one of the nicest people on the planet! ;-))) He's amazing....so happy he won!
laura ban More than 1 year ago
I'm happy for Tom Keyser, Barbara Livingston's partner - his photo was great but HONORABLE MENTION for Barbara's photography? Unbelievable! Wonderful story about Lord Avie and Danny Perlsweig as well.
Barbara Livingston More than 1 year ago
Laura, you are fantastic! Thank you so much.... I doubt I'll ever take a photo that means more to me personally than the Danny and Lord Avie one. But I know contests tend to like action shots, and Tom's was great! :-) We talked about it beforehand...but we were pretty darned surprised by the results! Hahahahahaha... I mean, Tom's getting to be an Eclipse hog, having four of the things now! :-)
laura ban More than 1 year ago
Hello Barbara! ..... That's what I thought too about the action shots. And for the record, no way on this earth could you and the word loser be in the same sentence! I have no idea how to re-phrase honorable mention. It sounds so - I don't know, grade school! Maybe you need your own category? I know your photos of Lord Avie will be a comfort to Danny at this time. Take good care.
ghost2_ More than 1 year ago
Livingston's photo should have won. I think even Keyser would agree with that. His picture is good, sure, but hers is brilliant.
Vicki Dwight More than 1 year ago
Mr. Keyser is such a hard working guy. I see him at the races quite often and he is always busy, trying to get the best shot. I hope Ms. Livngston does not make him sleep on the couch!
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Livingston got put into the rail...