04/16/2012 2:44PM

Dynaformer pensioned with heart trouble


LEXINGTON, Ky. – Dynaformer, sire of 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro and multi-million-dollar earner Perfect Drift, has been pensioned after “experiencing a significant cardiac event in his stall on Saturday,” Three Chimneys Farm announced Monday.

“The stallion is resting comfortably in his stall,” the farm’s announcement said of the 27-year-old Roberto horse.

A farm spokesman declined to provide additional details about the heart issue, but in a prepared statement farm veterinarian Dr. Jim Morehead said, “Dynaformer’s heart condition is not uncommon in older horses. Sometimes these conditions deteriorate, and further breeding only increases the risk to the horse.”

Three Chimneys president Case Clay said in January that the farm would limit Dynaformer’s book to 40 mares this season and breed him just once a day. He covered 20 mares so far this season, with none so far pronounced in foal; seven are due for pregnancy scans soon.

Dynaformer stood this year for $150,000.

Dynaformer begain his stud career at Nathan Fox’s Wafare Farm in 1990 with a $3,500 fee and gradually rose through the stallion ranks, earning a reputation for runners who were versatile and hardy, if not sale-ring pretty.

“Those Roberto lines that Dynaformer so clearly defines gives those horses a toughness and a stamina and strength that makes them great horses,” Three Chimneys stallion manager Sandy Hatfield told Daily Racing Form in January. “When you look at Dynaformer, he’s not the most beautiful horse, but, as the someone once said, ‘Beautiful is as beautiful does.’ ”

In addition to getting Barbaro and Perfect Drift, Dynaformer also has sired English champions Lucarno and Blue Bunting, European champion Rainbow View, Melbourne Cup winner and Australian champion Americain, Grade 1 winners Riskaverse, Film Maker, and Dynaforce, and three-time champion steeplechaser McDynamo.

He currently has just under $110 million in progeny earnings.

“Dynaformer’s tough spirit will continue to influence our breed for many years to come,” said Robert Clay, owner of Three Chimneys. “He reminds us that looks aren’t everything and that the will to win is that intangible ingredient we are all striving to find. We are forever grateful to the Dynaformer syndicate for the privilege of managing his career, to Nathan Fox, who first saw his potential as a stallion, and to the breeders who supported him and found success with his offspring.”

Linda Reppert More than 1 year ago
No one Mr. Pettingill nor anything is too old to die. He is gone now, i hope you will rewrite your words. He was the sire of winners who banked $110 million. He gave his all. And Mr. Frazier, how very nice you have one of his daughters. She is special now for sure. Rest in Peace Dynaformer, well earned and deserved.
William Pettingill More than 1 year ago
He is too mean to die, Archie bunker as a retiree
Jack Frazier More than 1 year ago
Dynaformer has always been a tough horse. I was fortunate to help break him many years ago and his tenacity and toughness were evident then. He was and always has been, special to me. His daughters produce and thankfully I have a two year old out of one of his daughters. Great horse, great sire.
HENRY Bedoy More than 1 year ago
the great dynaformer
Michael Mazanec More than 1 year ago
Was at three chimneys last week on a tour, what an amazing place to see! The old man looked like he was about to have a heart attack while grazing in the field, but no place he would rather be! That farm was absolutely beautiful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He probably would have been pensioned anyway since no mares have found to be in foal this year yet. Maybe one of the 7 left to scan will have the last Dynaformer foal.
Slew32A More than 1 year ago
Excuse me, a 27 y.o. male horse breeding to a 4,5 or 6 y.o. female horse is NOT work. Now if he had to keep her in shoes and saddle bags and pay for her feed, i'd say take it easy on him. He'll die with a smile on his face.
Paul F More than 1 year ago
turn him out..(to pasture)..... 27 years old and this story reads.... lets keep the money train going?....sad.......
Melody Katrobos More than 1 year ago
No, I don't think Three Chimneys wants to "keep the money train going." Instead they are retiring Dynaformer from breeding so can live out his days in a cool green pasture and a warm big stall. Given the choice I think the old man would rather go out in the saddlle though.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
He has earned it...