02/19/2011 6:28PM

Dutrow's attorney responds to Association of Racing Commissioners International president


The attorney representing trainer Richard Dutrow Jr. lashed out at a racing official who earlier this week called upon the New York State Racing and Wagering Board to consider revoking the trainer’s license for repeated rules violations.

In an e-mail, attorney Gerard Romski wrote that Ed Martin, president of the Association of Racing Commissioners International, unfairly singled out “Mr. Dutrow while ignoring the actions of others” when Martin wrote a letter to the NYSRWB asking that body to show cause why Dutrow’s license should not be revoked given “what appears to be a lifetime pattern of disregard for the rules of racing.”

Martin’s letter came in the wake of Dutrow being handed down 90 days worth of suspensions by the New York stewards on Wednesday. Dutrow was suspended 60 days for a medication violation and 30 days for having hypodermic needles in his barn. Martin’s letter stated that since 1979, Dutrow has been sanctioned at least 64 times for various rules violations in nine states at 15 different racetracks. Before joining ARCI, Martin was the executive director of the NYSRWB for eight years.

Romksi, who is representing Dutrow in the appeals of the most recent penalties, said that Martin’s letter could “unfairly prejudice and harm” Dutrow’s appeal.

“No one cares more about the well-being of his horses than Rick Dutrow,” Romski wrote. “Admittedly, Mr. Dutrow is unique and at times he can be outspoken, but it is these rare qualities that has made him a great success in the racing world.

“Unfortunately, sometimes when you end up in the winner’s circle as often as Mr. Dutrow, others, for their own self interests, will attempt to undercut that success by singling Mr. Dutrow out while ignoring the actions of others.

“In our opinion, Mr. Martin’s recent politically motivated letter, is just another example of such an attempt to unfairly prejudice and harm Mr. Dutrow without due cause. We hope that Mr. Martin did not rush to judgment and that he paid more attention to the actual facts when he was in charge at the New York State Racing and Wagering Board than he has demonstrated in his recent unfounded and irresponsible letter.

“In regard to the recent suspension, which as you know are the subject of an appeal, we are thankful that the current members of the New York State Racing and Wagering Board respects due process and are confident that when all the facts are brought to the light of day that Mr. Dutrow will be fully vindicated.”