03/31/2012 3:25PM

Dubai World Cup: Re-run Gold Cup has one winner, two fatalities, and an injury


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Opinion Poll won the $1 million Dubai Gold Cup, capping a three-win night for Godolphin Racing, but that was far from the story of this ill-fated race at Meydan.

Two horses died in two separate runnings of this two-mile turf race, and a third horse suffered a hind leg injury.

The race was scheduled as the third on the night, but had to be called off by racing officials when Fox Hunt suffered a fatal foreleg injury about an eighth of a mile into the race. The other riders were ordered to pull up their horses by a racing official riding in a vehicle outside the turf course when it became evident Fox Hunt could not be moved.

Dubai racing officials decided to ask the connections of each of the other horses if they wanted to run the race following the Dubai World Cup. According to Frank Gabriel, CEO of Dubai Racing, all the horses also went under a veterinary exam and were cleared to run. Gabriel said if the connections chose not to run they would have had their entry fee refunded.

Gabriel said all the connections agreed to run. During the re-running of the race, Bronze Cannon suffered a fatal injury to his left front leg and Grand Vent pulled up.

Gabriel said he had no regrets about running the race a second time.

"No, no, no," he said. "It's unfortunate that injuries happen in racing. It was a decision that management made and as long as there was clearance from the vets and the acceptance of each individual [horseman]. We made it clear it wasn't something they had to do, they could choose not to do."

Thinus Verdoes More than 1 year ago
The whole racing thing is totally unnatural for a horse. It is unnatural for a horse to run that hard for that long. Even f it is 5 furlongs. They are pushed way too hard and the slghtest missstep will put too much force on a single leg at a full gallop.
John More than 1 year ago
If I had to incur expenses for training and traveling to Dubai I wouldn't have minded if the race was rerun later in the evening. I don't condone mistreating horses, but in this case I don't believe there was any mistreatment. If you want PETA to investigate, tell them to go to these tracks where cheap claimers race 3 times a month. Heck, they race horses 3 times a month around the world. Stop complaining about animals that get treated than humans!
Jorge Cajamarca More than 1 year ago
horses in panama run 4 times a month ..thath is abuse...
Luis Mendoza More than 1 year ago
I apologize all but god, have you head in USA distance instead of enlarging rather what they do is cut and instead of having good specimens arriving at 2400 Mts in Belmont Stakes, go complaining, no one is here PETA, beyond the owners was asked and everyone wanted to participate, unfortunately things go wrong besides the horses went at full gallop and slow, also had more than 4 hours rest.
Michael von Trampe More than 1 year ago
Based on the results of doing a rerun of this 2 mile race - it looks worst than what hapened on the HBO show LUCK!! These people are idiots to a do over on the same day. Good thing there is NO PETA in Dubai or they would be on this like white on rice. This was a poor call on management and one they will regret in the future.
ECarlos727 More than 1 year ago
A horse race was run and it had some injuries, now everyone cry about the results but horses die every day just like people do, and I am pretty sure most people wouldn't mind dying in a respectful fashion with admiration from people all over the world!!
Thinus Verdoes More than 1 year ago
What an idiotic statement
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
come on this is probably the best turf anywhere on the planet,and these horses are treated like royalty in dubai,they even have airconditioning,i bet some horses died out in a pasture or in a stable somewhere accidents happen lets not confuse this with what we see in america,low level claiming cripples being raced into the ground,while dopped out of their minds ridden by incompetent jockeys who ride each other and into each other more than theyr own horses.
Robert Pandolfo More than 1 year ago
Since it was a 2 mile race, they were not going that fast when they were pulled up the first time. Thoroughbreds are quite capable of coming back to race again after going a slow mile. The injuries in the second try probably had nothing to do with the first. Either it was just bad luck or there is something wrong with the turf course.
tart of darkness More than 1 year ago
Too bad they can't ask the horses if they are up to running the race over again.
Mark Davis More than 1 year ago
Just kidding. Sort of. All I hear about is how the breakdowns here in the US are because of medication, and the need to "run with no medication like the rest of the world". I apologize to the connections and the horses who ended their careers.
Mark Davis More than 1 year ago
Maybe they need Lasix.