11/11/2005 12:00AM

Drug positive at Hawthorne


Donald Paulik, a trainer on the Chicago circuit, has been ruled off all facilities under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Racing Board after one of his horses tested positive for the powerful synthetic narcotic etorphine. The horse that triggered the positive test, Texas Tree, won the first race on Friday, Oct. 21 at Hawthorne. An inquiry into the matter has been scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 19, at which time a penalty could be handed down for the offense.

Paulik, 59, has started only 13 horses all year, winning twice. He trains off a farm, shipping horses to the racetrack only for published workouts and races.

Etorphine, sometimes referred to as elephant juice, is a powerful synthetic relation of morphine. Administered in small doses, it can have a stimulant effect on horses.