Updated on 06/15/2016 3:17PM

DRF Tournaments hosts four Thursday contests


There are four contests on DRFTournaments on Thursday. All contests will utilize the all-in format where all picks must be in be before the scheduled post time of the first contest event.

For an entry fee of $21, players can compete for a $190 entry into the Saturday, June 18 National Handicapping Championship one-day qualifier. The top 10 percent of finishers advance.

Entries are also open for a $500 Credit Builder for Thursday. Entry fee is $15 and prizes will be distributed as follows: $250 to first, $250 to second, $150 to third. A minimum of 32 entries is required.

There is also a BCBC feeder for the Sunday, June 19, BCBC one-day qualifier. The entry fee is $21 and once again the top 10 percent advance.

The final Santa Anita Gold Cup qualifier is taking place on Saturday, June 18. For Thursday’s feeder, the entry fee is $25 and the top 10 percent will win their $225 entries. Any player who wins a Santa Anita contest and goes on win the BCBC will win a $1 million bonus.

Here are the races that will be part of all four contests:

3:36 Belmont 5

3:54 Gulfstream 6

4:09 Belmont 6

4:26 Gulfstream 7

4:30 Santa Anita 1

4:41 Belmont 7

5:00 Santa Anita 2

5:13 Belmont 8

5:30 Santa Anita 3