12/29/2014 12:38PM

DRF past performances to note first-time geldings


Daily Racing Form has added a citation in past-performance information indicating when a horse is running for the first time as a gelding.
The notation indicating that the horse is starting for the first time since being gelded will appear as a “G” in reverse type on the line next to the Lasix indicator (if applicable) and the weight to be carried in the race. The date when reported gelded will appear in the line immediately above the horse’s pedigree, the line that includes color, sex, age, and foaling month. The notation will appear in all of DRF’s past-performance products, including online and Formulator past performances.

Handicappers should note that the date when reported gelded is being disclosed to DRF by The Jockey Club and Equibase and that the date may not necessarily be when the horse was actually gelded. The report date may be when the horse was entered to race as a gelding for the first time, rather than the actual geld date. Trainers must report a change in sex when entering a horse for the first time after the horse has been gelded. As more emphasis is placed on this information being used in past performances, the reporting dates information, as well as timeliness and accuracy, should improve.

Some handicappers consider the first-time-gelding date as significant since some horses benefit greatly from the surgery. In the past, first-time-gelding announcements were usually made the day of the race or at entry time, though publication or dissemination of the data was sporadic.

Earlier this year, Equibase, which collects past-performance information for the racing industry, added a notation to its entry data indicating that a report had been filed on a horse being gelded. The Jockey Club maintains the sex information in its database and helps Equibase manage the information on the racing side. Equibase supplies the data to DRF.

In addition to the notation in the sex line, DRF will add statistics tracking a trainer’s success rate with first-time geldings. The statistic, which will be labeled “1stGeld,” will appear in the standard format, with the trainer’s starts, win percentage, and the return on a $2 investment on each of the starters (ROI).

Sinatra Jeter More than 1 year ago
Where eles can you get such crystal clear information on the ability of horses than the DRF. Sure there is Equibase past performance and brisnet and other sources of past performance but when you learn to read the DRF like the back of your hand you have accomplish a great milestone. Make a list of all the changes that the DRF have listed in their past performance since you learn to read the pages at DRF. TurfRuler
TRacingLifeMore More than 1 year ago
It would help to know when the Beyers are adjusted for pace. That's my No. 1 complaint about DRF.
DRFFormulator More than 1 year ago
Sounds like you'd love the Moss Pace Figures.
michael More than 1 year ago
Would love for the Form to include if a horse was scratched between it's last race and scheduled to run today. Especially Vet scratches.
DRFFormulator More than 1 year ago
It's in there. It's on the entries page of the print edition or the Scratch Board dropdown in Formulator.
Mike R More than 1 year ago
Wasn't aware of that. Start off the New Year with learning something new. Thank you.
Joel Firsching More than 1 year ago
Would have been interesting to see the stats of michael gill first time off the claim and gelded.
Henry Malmoth More than 1 year ago
Thanks DRF. Now how about adding run-up distances or at least letting us know what racetracks have a run-up.
DRFFormulator More than 1 year ago
This exists in DRF Formulator.
Thomas MD More than 1 year ago
Thanks! That's going to be some very useful information. Agree that it would be *really nice* if there was some notation in the PPs regarding failure to change leads - maybe an "x" like harness horses that break?
paul whoever More than 1 year ago
...And if DRF really, really wants to help horseplayers, they will start publishing Vet stats, such as full name, number of "positives," preferred drugs, etc. for each entry in every field.
John Murray More than 1 year ago
Thanks, Good to know about 1st Geld., If DRF wishes to consider assisting fans further, please think about a note for horses Failing to Change Leads in the stretch run, or running on the wrong lead for last 2 furlongs, where they lose momentum and fade. It is infuriating to watch and is much more of a major factor on dirt rather than turf. Some horses do it consistently and some on occasion, with certain animals also winning on the incorrect lead, perhaps indicative of a stressed or sore limb. Seems to be much more common nowadays with younger, more fragile or untrained animals being rushed into action.
bangem andleavem More than 1 year ago
I wrote about 1st Gelding reporting 40 years ago for a racing publication. About time.
william More than 1 year ago
i had a 7/1 winner yesterday at tampa on the 1xgelding....well done, DRF. Better late than never
Bob More than 1 year ago
Pure coincidence , means nothing going into a race. Are we that that gullible that... Like people who say if the horse craps during the post parade watch out... Haha
Matthew More than 1 year ago
You don't know much...