02/27/2014 5:40PM

Drawing Away Stable, David Jacobson make donation to Old Friends


Horses retired by Drawing Away Stable and trainer David Jacobson will have a home at Old Friends, a retirement facility in Georgetown, Ky., following an agreement reached this week.

Drawing Away and Jacobson will make a one-time donation of $25,000 – $12,500 apiece – to Old Friends to help build a paddock on property leased by Old Friends that is adjacent to its existing facility. The paddock will have the red and blue colors of Drawing Away’s silks as well as a plaque with Jacobson’s name on it and will house as many as 10 horses whom Jacobson and Drawing Away could retire to the facility.

Jacobson and Drawing Away also will contribute $50 apiece per win to Old Friends. Last year, Drawing Away won 90 races, with all of its winners trained by Jacobson.

“It’s always an issue what to do with the horses when they’re done racing,” said Ed Boden, managing partner of Drawing Away. “I don’t like giving horses away or selling them cheap because you don’t know what happens. We have a responsibility to the partners. I want closure. When David feels like they’re done racing, we’re going to give them a good home.”

Boden said Drawing Away could retire as many as 10 horses a year to the facility but added, “I hope I don’t have 10 horses that have to be retired.”

“I’ve been trying for 10 years to set up a Social Security system for these horses,” said Michael Blowen, founder of Old Friends. “I know it’s good for us, I hope it’s good for David and Drawing Away, and I know it’ll be great for these horses.”

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Blowen said the paddock could be ready in about three weeks.

Two of Jacobson’s previous runners – Ball Four and Tour of the Cat – are at Old Friends. Jacobson said he hopes this program will inspire “other owners and trainers to follow us in what we’re doing.”