01/28/2004 12:00AM

Don't look for Super line move


As of Wednesday morning, looking up and down the Strip and in the neighborhood casinos, you couldn't find anything other than the Patriots -7 over the Panthers as the Super Bowl line.

The last holdouts at 6 1/2 were the locals books run by Coast Casinos and Station Casinos, and the Golden Nugget downtown, which is under the new ownership of dot-com millionaires Tim Poster and Tom Breitling and has Chris Andrews, formerly of the Cal-Neva Club chain in Reno, running the race and sports book. All three of those casinos sought to attract extra handle by offering 5 percent vig on all straight bets, and they got it.

Some people have speculated that this run of Patriots money might push the line to 7 1/2 before kickoff, but that's unlikely. Not even a six-figure wager is likely to get the sports books to move off the key number and risk getting middled if the Patriots win by exactly seven points. Keep in mind that if books have the standard -110 on each side, they'll increase it to Patriots -120 on the Patriots' side and take another wave of money before moving to 7 1/2.

However, if - and that's a big if - the line ever moves to 7 1/2, only the people standing right at the betting counters (or ready to click their mouse if betting online) will ever be able to get the Panthers at that number. With so many sharp bettors already holding tickets on the Patriots -6 1/2 - especially at reduced juice - there will be no small amount being wagered on the other side to try and catch a middle.

If bet takers do choose to move the line to 7 1/2, it will be interesting to see if they would make bettors lay -120 right away, knowing that this would attract that kind of buy-back money.

Magliulo on board Wynn team

Vincent Magliulo used to have to make those kind of bookmaking decisions all the time when he was at Caesars Palace for 14 years, from 1986 to 2000. On Wednesday, Magliulo confirmed speculation for the first time on the record that he will be doing it again when the $2 billion Wynn Las Vegas mega-resort opens next spring on the old Desert Inn site.

Wynn Las Vegas is the latest project of developer extraordinaire Steve Wynn (The Mirage, Bellagio, etc.).

Magliulo, a Brooklyn native, got his start in the gaming industry as a dealer at the Royal Inn Casino on Convention Center Drive in 1978.

Magliulo has spent the last three years as the vice president of corporate development for Las Vegas Dissemination Company, which imports the signals from racetracks to Nevada's racebooks and facilitates all the monetary transactions.

So, as he says, he hadn't left the industry at all. But he will soon be front and center, as everyone expects the Wynn sports book to be a major player, just as The Mirage was when Wynn opened it in 1989 with Jimmy Vaccaro at the helm.

Horse contest news and notes

Terry Turrell not only turned his $800 bankroll into $5,643.70 last week in the Coast to Coast Shootout - a live-money handicapping contest held concurrently at the Barbary Coast and Suncoast - but also collected $20,920 in first-place prize money.

The tournament had 141 entries at $300 apiece, and Coast Casinos kicked in an extra $10,000 to bring the total purse to $52,300.

Entrants made 16 $50 bets through the parimutuel system, so they kept their winnings while also competing for the prize pool.

John Putney finished second with a bankroll of $4,939.50 and picked up another $10,460 in prize money. Massimillian Pescatori was a distant third with $2,658.70 but still earned nearly a five-figure net profit with $7,845 in prize money.

The next major tournament at a Coast property is the Championship at The Orleans on March 25-27, with a bonus contest on March 28 for those who register by Feb. 25. The entry fee is $500.

* For those looking for a way to earn the money to play in the Championship at The Orleans, the four Coast Casinos (The Orleans, Gold Coast, Barbary Coast, Suncoast) are holding free contests every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through the end of February. The contest is on the first five races at Santa Anita, with points awarded for the mutuel price of where your horse finishes (example: a win horse just gets the win mutuel, not place or show) plus a bonus of 10 points for a win, 5 points for a place and 3 for show. The contestant accumulating the most points wins $1,200 with the runner-up receiving $800. Ties share the prizes equally.

* The Mandalay Resort Group, which was going to have free contests at all its properties, has decided to just have its free contest at the Excalibur in Las Vegas and the Edgewater in Laughlin on Wednesdays and the Circus Circus in both Vegas and Reno on Fridays.

* The Poker Palace still has its separate free $500 head-to-head matchup contests, with the first running Wednesday through Friday and the second on Saturday and Sunday.

B-ball contest returns to Fiesta

Except during football season, sports contests are a rarity, but Fiesta Rancho race and sports book manager Jason McCormick is starting "Free B-Ball Friday," a similar promotion to the one run by former Fiesta manager Bert Cirincione, who is now at the Sunset Station.

Contestants select 10 pro or college basketball games on a contest card. Players must also try to predict the total points in the 10th game on the card, which will be used as a tiebreaker. Selections must be made by the listed tipoff time of the first game (usually 4 p.m. Pacific).

First prize is $400, second prize is $200, third is $100, fourth is a $75 food comp, fifth is a $50 food comp, sixth and seventh are good for $50 at Gardunos Mexican restaurant, and eighth through 10th receive NBA jerseys.

In addition, there will be a $1,000 prize for anyone going a perfect 10 for 10. In the unlikely event that more than one person does it in a given week, the money will be split evenly.

Contest results will be posted by noon Saturday and all prizes must be collected by noon Monday.