03/25/2013 4:11PM

Dominguez comeback delayed


Jockey Ramon Dominguez’s comeback is on hold.

Dominguez, who suffered a fractured skull in a spill at Aqueduct on Jan. 18, met with his doctors on Monday, but did not receive clearance to start getting on horses in the morning as he had hoped.

"I had an MRI and saw my doctor this morning," Dominguez told the New York Racing Association. “While he is very pleased with the progress I have made, I am not completely healed and need to continue my therapy. I feel very good physically and mentally, but my injury was serious and I need to take more time to allow myself to recover.”

Dominguez, the reigning three-time Eclipse Award-winning jockey, will continue his outpatient therapy and will meet again with his neurosurgeon, though no timetable was given for his next appointment.

“I miss riding and I’m excited to come back when my doctors release me,” he said. “It’s hard because I feel so good, but I know I need to be patient and focus on my recovery.”

Pepe Alvarez More than 1 year ago
Ramon, queremos sabercomo estas. Cuales son tus planes para el come back. Si estas haciendo ejercicios. Cuando pasa mucho tiempo sin que estes en la escena nos preocupamos. Hablanos por aca, por tu pagina. Sabemos que vas a regresar, pero queremos oir tus palabras...hablanos por aca mismo
Juan Barrientos More than 1 year ago
Ramon take it easy, you´ll be fine and come back to be the number one again, best regards since México City
Cheryl Hionas More than 1 year ago
Ramon don't listen to rocky ur the best jockey in the world be patient get better n come back ten times stronger n come back n go get that 5000 win ......stop hateing on Ramon he's the best n will continue to be the best when he returns ....god bless u n ur family Ramon get better soon
Alfred More than 1 year ago
You are one of the best in the world GET WELL SOON
Rocky More than 1 year ago
Ramon,we are all mortal. Yours is a dangerous profession. Maybe your spill should be treated as an omen. Consider retirerment. Any thing you do in horse racing or any other endever will be enhanced by your name and impecible record. You could be a trainer or owner or owners rep or agent. Tough call for sure but your familly must figure as top priority in yourision.You seem to be a great guy . My best to you and yours. Rocky
Michael Castellano More than 1 year ago
Get well Ramon!!
Steve Reed More than 1 year ago
It is a tough game, hard to come back mentally as well as physically. Not for the feint hearted. I remember many tough spills, Turcotte, Douglas, Venezia, Herrara,Ruiz. Take your time and come back 100%
Justin More than 1 year ago
Sounds like you are taking this seriously Ramon and coming back cautiously. Take your time and make sure you are right. Balance is the key to your profession and you have the best balance in the game. In my opinion, you are a superb jockey and don't come back if only you are a shadow of yourself..
John Flynn More than 1 year ago
I Think He Should Forget The Whole Thing. He Was Lucky. Poor Rene Douglas (GREAT RIDER)is in a Wheelchair.
John Stevelberg More than 1 year ago
Take all the time U need - do it right - best wishes