07/10/2002 12:00AM

Dickinson settles lawsuit


Trainer Michael Dickinson agreed on Tuesday morning to settle a lawsuit he filed against fellow trainer Thomas Voss for allegedly stealing his formula for an all-weather training track.

Jonathan Blank, Dickinson's attorney, said on Wednesday that "the matter has been settled, and the parties look forward to moving on." Blank declined to comment any further on the case or the settlement.

Dickinson sued Voss in August, alleging that Voss had infringed on a patent Dickinson obtained for a formula he developed for the training track he built at his Tapeta Farm. A trial was scheduled to begin in Baltimore County Court on Tuesday, but Dickinson and Voss reached the settlement just before jury selection.

Dickinson has said that he worked on the formula for the training track for four years before applying for a patent. The lawsuit alleged that Voss "misappropriated or stole" the formula by either hiring the same consultant Dickinson used or by stealing a sample of it.

Voss, a leading steeplechase trainer who also trained the flat runner John's Call - a finalist for the 2000 champion turf horse - owns Atlanta Hall Farm in Maryland.